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A list of new or substantially revised materials added to Practical Law Employment in the last year.

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New content by date

May 2016

Article, Brexit and the implications for data protection: will that be the rock or the hard place, Sir? (

Article, Team emotional intelligence: how to avoid being a "quarrel of lawyers" and create a high-performance culture (

Article, Managing a multi-generational in-house team: vive la différence (

Article, Business View: the "sleeping" business imperative (

Article, Brexit: implications for employee share plans (

Article, Brexit: implications for merger control (

Practice note, Equitable maxims and doctrines (

Practice note, Personal remedies in equity to recover a sum of money (

Practice note, Specific performance (

Practice note, Declarations (

Practice note, Equitable liens (

Practice note, Estoppel (

Practice note, Rescission (

Practice note, Equitable remedies: overview (

Article, Business View: we should stop paying executives for performance (

Article, Inside Life: Julia Pearce, Jefferies International Limited (

April 2016

Toolkit, Human rights for employment lawyers: toolkit (

Practice note, Working Time Regulations: overview (

Practice note, Working Time Regulations: 48-hour weekly limit (

Practice note, Working Time Regulations: night work (

Practice note, Working Time Regulations: rest periods and rest breaks (

Practice note, Restraint of trade outside employment (

Checklist, Decisions on restraint of trade outside employment (

Article, General Data Protection Regulation: preparing for change (

March 2016

Practice note, Senior managers and certification regime: overview for employment lawyers (

Checklist, Senior managers and certification regime: checklist of issues for employment lawyers (

Practice note, EU General Data Protection Regulation: implications for employers (

Practice note, Gender pay gap reporting obligations (

February 2016

Landing page, EU referendum

Article, Brexit: implications for employment law in the UK

Standard document, Letter to employee representatives where there are proposed collective redundancies explaining their role (

Standard document, Letter to employee representatives on a TUPE transfer explaining their role (

January 2016

Toolkit, Contracts of employment (

Practice note, Garden leave (

Practice note, Restrictive covenants in employment contracts ( (substantially revised)

Standard document, Legal due diligence request: asset purchases (employment) (substantially revised)

Standard document, Asset purchase agreement: employment provisions (substantially revised)

Practical Law Employment, Blog

December 2015

Practice note, Directors' liability: relief from liability (

Practice note, The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (

Standard document, Settlement agreement (no termination) (

Practice note, Conduct rules in the senior managers regime (SMR) and the certification regime (

Practice note, Conducting a grievance investigation and hearing (

Checklist, Social media, email and internet misuse: case summaries (

November 2015

Toolkit, Practical Law Employment: finding key resources (

Toolkit, How to start a claim toolkit (

Practice note, Electronic working in the UK courts (

Practice note, Small claims track (

Practice note, Injunctions: an overview (

Practice note, Draft General Data Protection Regulation: key provisions and what businesses should be doing now (

Practice note, Types of director: overview (

Practice note, Trade Union Bill 2015 and related consultations (

October 2015

Checklist, Documents to be filed at court in civil litigation proceedings: checklist (

Checklist, Guide to the procedure in multi-track claims (

Standard document, Anti-slavery and human trafficking policy (

Practice note, Modern Slavery Act 2015: slavery and human trafficking statement (

September 2015

Standard clauses, Share plans clauses (settlement agreements) (

Practice note, Referring to share plans in settlement agreements (

Checklist, Section 40 FOIA exemption for personal data: flowchart (

Checklist, FOIA and EIR: checklist for businesses (

Checklist, Section 41 FOIA exemption for confidential information: flowchart (

Practice note, Service occupancies (

Practice note, Freedom of information and information provided in confidence: section 41 FOIA (

Practice note, Freedom of information and data protection: section 40 FOIA (

Practice note, Practical Law: getting started in-house (

Practice note, Contracting-out: abolition of contracting-out on a salary-related basis (

Practice note, Social media offences (

Practice note, Hot topics: Individual accountability in banking and the senior managers regime (SMR) (

August 2015

Practice note, Issuing a claim under Part 7 (

Practice note, Litigants in person in the civil courts (

Standard document, Setting up a business in the UK: UK tax issues for overseas companies: Client guide (

Standard document, Subsidiary or permanent establishment: tax: Client guide (

July 2015

Practice note, Discrimination in employment: retirement ( (substantially revised)

Practice note, Recovering overpayments of wages and expenses (

June 2015

Practice note, Extraterritorial Scope of Major US Employment Laws (

Practice note, Extraterritorial Coverage under Major US Employment Laws Chart: Overview (

Practice note, Directors and office holders: tax (

Standard document, Memorandum on responsibilities and obligations of directors of a listed company (

May 2015

Standard document, Approved English apprenticeship agreement (England) (

Standard document, Apprenticeship agreement (Wales) (

Practice note, Apprenticeships: employment law implications ( (substantially revised)

Standard document, Holidays policy (

Standard document, Reaffirmation letter (two-stage settlement) (

Standard document, Settlement agreement: employment (long form) ( (revised to include optional provisions requiring the employee to enter into a reaffirmation letter and making payment of the termination payment conditional on receipt of the signed reaffirmation letter)

Practice note, Modern Slavery Act 2015: slavery and human trafficking statement (


For details of the materials that we are planning to add to PLC Employment in the near future, see Practical Law Employment: provisional publishing schedule ( .

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