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A description of the Practical Law EU service.

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What is Practical Law EU?

Practical Law EU is a current awareness service which will keep you up to date with EU law developments on a daily or weekly basis. It reports on EU law developments from the earliest stage: from the date the European Commission publishes a public consultation, impact assessment or proposal, right through to adoption and publication of new EU legislation or policy documents in the Official Journal.

Our team of EU specialists creates and maintains all of our resources. We are also available to answer your questions through our Ask service. Some of our resources are supplemented with materials written by experts at leading firms.

Please note that Practical Law EU does not cover EU competition law; this is covered by Practical Law Competition.


Benefits of using Practical Law EU

The EU service provides a cost-effective tool for any lawyer, solicitor or barrister, in private practice, in-house or otherwise, who needs to be aware of EU developments in a certain practice or industry sector relevant for his work. It aims to help:

  • Save lawyers' time and enhance their capacity to do fee-earning or client related work.

  • Improve the quality, speed and accuracy of the service to clients.

  • Bring trainees and newly qualified staff up to speed quickly and effectively.

  • Allow firms and legal departments with professional support lawyers to focus resources and time on firm and client-specific know-how, and finding innovative solutions to transaction problems instead of routine information gathering.

  • Concentrate more attention on using know-how for marketing purposes and making the practice more competitive.

  • Attract, maintain and motivate good lawyers.

For further information about how you can benefit from using the service, see Why use Practical Law EU? ( .


Our coverage

Practical Law EU covers the following areas:

  • Agriculture.

  • Automotive.

  • Aviation and airports.

  • Chemicals and other hazardous substances.

  • Consumer affairs.

  • Corporate.

  • Defence.

  • Economic and financial affairs.

  • Employment and social affairs.

  • Energy and renewables.

  • Enlargement.

  • Enterprise and industry.

  • Environment and climate change.

  • External relations.

  • Food and food safety.

  • Healthcare and life sciences.

  • Infrastructure funds.

  • Infringement proceedings.

  • Institutional affairs.

  • Intellectual property.

  • Internal Market.

  • International trade and customs.

  • Justice and home affairs.

  • Maritime affairs and fisheries.

  • Maritime transport and inland waterways.

  • Movers and shakers.

  • Post and logistics.

  • Product safety.

  • Public procurement.

  • Rail.

  • Regulatory and legislative procedures.

  • Road.

  • Taxation.

  • Telecommunications, media and technology.

  • Tobacco.

  • Water.


Our resources

Practical Law provides:


Navigating the EU homepage

The Practical Law EU homepage is divided into the various sections, including:

  • Current awareness. This section allows you to access our EU law current awareness resources, including daily alerts, legal updates and weekly email and legislation trackers.

  • EU Survival Kit. This section allows you to quickly access any part of the EU Survival Kit.

  • Getting started. This section contains resources to help you become familiar with using Practical Law EU and learn about its benefits, including the various training options available as part of your subscription.

  • Supplementary resources. This section provides access to the Practical Law EU practice notes, articles, and glossary.

  • Featured. This section provides links to our featured content, such as new practice notes.


Searching on Practical Law

Practical Law EU legal updates, legislation trackers, practice notes, and articles are fully searchable on the Practical Law website. EU content that is originally written by other Practical Law teams can also be found in this way.

Type your search term in the search box at the top of any page, and click the "Go" button. Search tips include:

  • Use speech marks to search for a complete phrase, for example, "medical devices".

  • A search from the EU homepage will automatically filter results to only show EU-related content. You can also filter results manually from the general Practical Law homepage, by selecting "EU" from the dropdown menu next to the search bar.

  • Search results can be filtered in a number of ways, listed on the left hand of the page, including by type of resource, jurisdiction, or topic.

  • Search results are automatically sorted by relevance. However, legal updates and articles (which are dated) can be listed in publication date order, with the most recent first, by changing the filter at the top of the page.

  • If you cannot find what you need, ask us for help by clicking on the "Ask a question" button at the top right corner of each page.

For further information on making the most of the search function see How to search.

Practical Law EU emails (daily alerts and weekly email) are not searchable using the search box. However, the individual legal updates which make up the weekly emails are fully searchable.

For help with navigating the official websites of the EU Institutions, see EU Survival Kit ( .

For other guidance on using and finding your way around the Practical Law website see Practical Law - Help.


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