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Legislative framework

1. What is the principal legislation that regulates public procurement? What regulatory authorities are responsible for public procurement enforcement?
2. What are the overriding principles of the legislation listed in Question 1?

Regulation of specific industries

3. Are any industries subject to specific regulation?

Recent trends

4. What are the recent trends in the public procurement sector?

Scope of rules

Entities covered

5. Which entities must comply with the procurement rules? Are there any exemptions?

Contracts covered

6. What contracts do procurement rules cover? Are there any exemptions?
7. Are there specific thresholds to determine if a contract is subject to the public procurement regime? Are there any aggregation/anti-avoidance rules?


8. Does the procurement regime apply to concession contracts? If not, how is the award of concession contracts regulated?

Privatisations and PPPs

9. Are privatisations and PPPs subject to the procurement regime? If not, what are the relevant legal rules?

Shared services and "in-house" arrangements

10. Do shared services projects and "in-house" arrangements trigger the application of the public procurement requirements? Are there any exemptions?

Procurement procedures

11. What procedures do regulated entities use when carrying out procurements? Can regulated entities freely choose between the procedures? When is it appropriate to use each procedure?

Key features

12. What are the key features of each procedure? What are the applicable time limits?

Technical specifications

13. Are there any requirements concerning technical specifications of tenders?

Alternative bids

14. Are there specific rules in relation to alternative bids?

Contract award criteria

15. What are the requirements relating to contract award criteria?

Changes to an existing contract

16. Does an extension or amendment of an existing contract require a new procurement procedure?


17. Who can bring a claim for non-compliance with procurement legislation? What are the available review procedures? Are there any associated statutes of limitation?


18. Are there any proposals for reform of the procurement legislation? If so, when are they likely to be implemented?
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