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Market overview and methods of acquisition

Acquisition finance market

1. What parties are involved in acquisition finance?

Methods of acquisition

2. What are the main methods used for acquiring business entities in your jurisdiction?

Structure and procedure


3. What procedures are typically used for gaining acquisition finance in your jurisdiction?
4. What vehicles are typically used in acquisition finance?

Equity finance

5. What equity financing structures are typically used in acquisition finance?

Debt finance

Structures and documentation

6. What debt financing structures are typically used in acquisition finance?
7. What form do inter-creditor arrangements take in your jurisdiction?
8. What security and guarantees are generally entered into for an acquisition financing?


Thin capitalisation

9. Are there thin capitalisation rules in your jurisdiction? If so, what is their impact on an acquisition finance transaction?
10. What are the rules (if any) concerning the prohibition of financial assistance?
11. What industries are regulated in your jurisdiction? How can the fact that a target is a regulated entity affect an acquisition finance transaction?
12. How does the fact that a target is listed impact on a transaction?
13. What is the impact, if any, of pension schemes held by the target or purchaser on the acquisition?

Lender liability

14. What are potential liabilities of the lender on an acquisition?

Debt buy-backs

15. Can a borrower or financial sponsor engage in a debt buy-back?

Post-acquisition restructurings

16. What types of post-acquisition restructurings are common in your jurisdiction?


17. Are there reforms or impending regulatory changes that are likely to affect acquisition finance transactions in your jurisdiction?
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