ASA issues reminder about new procedure for competitor complaints

The ASA has issued a reminder about its new process for handling competitor complaints from 1 December 2011. (free access)

PLC Commercial

PLC Commercial has previously reported that the ASA is changing its approach to handling competitor complaints, see Legal update, ASA introduces new process for competitor complaints ( . From 1 December, advertisers making a complaint about another advertiser will be required to provide evidence that they have tried to resolve their complaints with their competitor, before the ASA agrees to consider the complaint. The ASA accepts that there may be rare occasions when a competitor complainant will have a good reason not to correspond with an advertiser. In these cases the ASA may bypass the new procedure if it believes that the complainant raises a potentially serious matter, or if there are other good reasons to believe that inter-party resolution of the complaint is not appropriate.

Source: ASA press release, 22 November 2011.

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