EU legal updates and weekly email

A note on EU legal updates, the weekly email, and how to sign up for them.

Practical Law EU


In addition to producing EU daily alerts ( , the Practical Law EU professional support team also writes longer legal updates on selected key EU regulatory developments, such as public consultations, European Commission proposals for draft legislation, outcomes of meetings of the European Parliament and the Council, accession, treaty and trade negotiations, the publication of legislative acts in the Official Journal, and Institutional changes.

These updates are published throughout the week on the Practical Law EU homepage where they can be found under the "Legal updates" section.

You can sign up to receive EU updates as soon as they have been published via RSS, and you can also receive them pulled together in the EU weekly email on Friday afternoons.

Finally, the EU updates are fully searchable on the Practical Law EU homepage, allowing you to trace EU legislation from initiation through to enactment.

For each development covered, the updates link to the underlying source materials and explain the background to the development, where relevant. We also link to more detailed analysis written by other Practical Law services, where this is available, enabling you to broaden your research.


Topics covered in the Practical Law EU updates and weekly email

The EU updates, pulled together in the EU weekly email, are organised by topic. A table of contents at the beginning of the e-mail allows you to select the items of interest to you.

The EU weekly email covers the following topics:


How to sign up for Practical Law EU updates via RSS

If you would like to receive EU updates as they are published via RSS, please go to the Practical Law EU homepage and click on the RSS icon next to the legal updates feed.


How to sign up for the Practical Law EU weekly email

If you would like to receive the weekly summary of key EU law developments, please go to your "Email preferences". Under the "EU services" tab, select the EU weekly option.

Note that Practical Law EU does not cover competition developments; these are covered by Practical Law Competition, who produce a daily, weekly and monthly EU Competition email.

Remember to click "Save" at the bottom of the page to ensure your email preferences are updated.

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