Flowcharts: UK Competition

This section of the website provides direct access to all UK competition law flowcharts (some of which also appear within Practice Notes). These flowcharts are schematic diagrams which represent the key steps in applying competition law to a number of situations. In the list below, the flowcharts are divided between those which demonstrate the application of the law to various transactions, practices and agreements and those which demonstrate investigation or compliance procedures. For details of other competition flowcharts see Flowcharts: EU.

Practical Law Competition

Legal assessment

Flowchart diagrams demonstrating the analytical steps in assessing whether a particular transaction, practice or agreement is caught by UK competition law.

Chapter I prohibition

Chapter II prohibition

Merger control


Procedure, compliance and enforcement

Flowchart diagrams demonstrating the procedural steps taken by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) or the parties in various situations.

Chapter I/ Chapter II prohibition

Merger control

Market investigations

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