Disclosable Overriding Interests questionnaire

This is a questionnaire to assist applicants to disclose disclosable overriding interests to the Land Registry.

For guidance notes on the questionnaire, see GN/Disclosable Overriding Interests questionnaire.

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Disclosable Overriding Interests questionnaire

Under the Land Registration Act 2002, you must disclose to the Land Registry certain unregistered rights or interests that affect the property ("Unregistered Rights") of which you are aware. These must be listed in the application form that we shall be submitting on your behalf to the Land Registry. The Land Registry may note these Unregistered Rights against your title.

Please tell us of any of the following Unregistered Rights of which you are aware, other than any that we have already told you about from the information that we have about the property. You also need to tell us about any Unregistered Rights of which you become aware between now and the date when the application to the Land Registry is made shortly after completion.

The Unregistered Rights that need to be disclosed are:


  • Leases affecting the property.

  • Rights claimed by any people in actual occupation of the property.

  • Rights of way across the property (other than public rights of way).

  • Pipes, wires or cables crossing the property, whether on the surface, below it or at high level.

  • Rights of light.

  • Rights of support from adjoining properties.


  • Other people's rights to take things from the land (such as timber, hay or fish).

  • Customary rights (rights deriving from local traditions).

  • Other people's rights to mines and minerals under the land.

  • Franchises (such as the right to hold a fair).

  • Manorial rights.

  • A right to rent which was reserved to the Crown on the granting of a freehold estate.

  • Any rights relating to embankments or sea or river walls.

  • Any rights to payments in lieu of tithe (usually called corn rents).

  • Chancel repair liability.

Please complete and return to us the form below to enable us to complete the necessary Land Registry application form. If you are uncertain as to whether any Unregistered Rights exist or need to be disclosed, please speak to us before completing and returning the form.

Name of applicant




I am not aware of any of the above rights or interests affecting the property



I am aware of the following rights or interests affecting the property:















(If there is not enough space here, please continue on a separate sheet of paper)






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