Absolute leasehold title

The best form of title to registered leasehold ( www.practicallaw.com/7-381-1197) land. Registration with this title vests in the proprietor the possession of the leasehold interest with all rights and privileges attached but subject to:

  • Interests entered on the register. These will be in the form of charges, notices and restrictions. Cautions and inhibitions are no longer available under the Land Registration Act 2002 (LRA).

  • Unregistered interests that override first registration (see Overriding interests ( www.practicallaw.com/A36603)).

  • Interests acquired under the Limitation Act 1980 of which the proprietor has notice. Notice includes matters discoverable by inspection and reasonable enquiry.

  • All implied and express covenants ( www.practicallaw.com/A34765), obligations and liabilities incident to the registered land.

(Section 12(4)(a), LRA.)

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