About Practical Law Employment

An outline of Practical Law Employment. To register for a full demonstration and to find out more about how to subscribe click here or call 0207 202 1220.


Practical Law Employment provides up-to-date and practical guidance on employment law and practice. It offers a specialist online service which:

  • Keeps employment lawyers abreast of the developments in their area, and the practical implications of the changes, without deluging them with information about irrelevant cases.

  • Provides access to a bank of practice notes, checklists, standard documents and drafting notes that are constantly updated to reflect the latest changes in law and practice.

Our team of employment specialists create and maintain all our resources. Editors have extensive experience of all areas of employment law in a wide range of practices and incorporate that experience into our materials. Our assistant editors, who are all qualified solicitors with strong technical and commercial expertise, provide associate solicitor level support to editors. The main objectives of the team include:

  • Editors and assistant editors write legal updates, draft standard documents and provide fast, technical legal answers across all areas of employment law.

  • Editors maintain and create new content in their chosen field of expertise, supported by assistant editors.

  • Assistant editors track the latest employment-related law developments.

The team is also able to draw on:

  • Our consultation board ( www.practicallaw.com/5-200-2504) , which consists of a prestigious group of experienced academic and practising lawyers.

  • Membership of organisations such as the Employment Lawyers Association (ELA), the Discrimination Law Association (DLA) and PEN (the network of employment PSLs).

  • Working with IHELN, the In-house Employment Lawyers Network and GC100, a group of general counsel and company secretaries working in FTSE 100 companies.

Our resources are supplemented with practical materials written with employment experts at leading firms, which are then kept up-to-date by our team.



Practical Law Employment covers all areas of employment law, including:

  • ADR.

  • Atypical working.

  • Civil litigation.

  • Collective consultation.

  • Contracts of employment, polices and procedures.

  • Cross-border and immigration.

  • Directors.

  • Discipline and grievances.

  • Discrimination and equal pay.

  • Employee data and monitoring.

  • Employment status and self-employment.

  • Employment tribunal and EAT practice and procedure.

  • Families and pregnancy.

  • Pay and benefits.

  • Recruitment.

  • Restraint of trade, confidentiality and IP.

  • Restructuring and insolvency.

  • Sickness and incapacity.

  • Taxation of employees and termination payments.

  • Termination of employment and redundancies.

  • Trade unions.

  • Transfers of shares and transfers of undertakings.

  • Unfair dismissal.

  • Whistleblowing.

  • Working time and time off.

However, it does not cover the detail of pensions law, which is provided by Practical Law Pensions, or issues relating to share schemes and other incentive arrangements, which are covered by Practical Law Share Schemes and Incentives.



As for all Practical Law practice areas, we provide:

  • Legal updates, which ensure that you are aware of developments in law and practice, as they happen. You can receive these updates by e-mail or RSS or view them online (see Practical Law Employment: Legal updates).

  • Practice notes, which are clear and up-to-date explanations of law and practice. We consult primary sources, practitioners and leading texts, distilling the principles and ensuring that the notes are up to date, so you can advise with confidence. See Practical Law Employment: Practice notes.

  • Standard documents (with drafting notes), created by our team of experts. These include agreements, letters and forms and mean that you can start with something that reflects the most recent law and is accepted in the market. See Practical Law Employment: Standard documents.

  • Checklists to help you ensure you have everything covered. These include flow charts and quick reference reminders of the law as it applies in practice. See Practical Law Employment: Checklists.

The employment practice area also provides:


Current awareness

Our team of experts monitor and review thousands of sources daily to identify and analyse developments that are of practical significance to employment lawyers. Our legal updates cover those developments that will affect our subscribers, including:

  • Significant judgments, including decisions from the employment tribunal, EAT, Court of Appeal, Court of Sessions, Supreme Court and ECJ. Where necessary, we purchase copies of decisions that are not publicly available and then put them online.

  • Opinions of the Advocate General.

  • Proposed, draft and new UK and EC legislation.

  • Consultation papers from the EC, UK government and other relevant bodies. Guidance and Codes of Practice issued by the EC, UK government and other relevant bodies.

Each legal update includes:

  • A summary.

  • Relevant background information.

  • Analysis of the practical impact of the development.

  • Links to source materials (including transcripts for new cases) and other relevant materials on Practical Law.

Choose to receive our employment legal updates by weekly or monthly e-mail:

  • Weekly e-mails are sent on Thursday night and will be in your inbox on Friday morning.

  • Monthly e-mails are sent on the last working day of the month and will be in your inbox the next morning.

How to access current awareness

To sign up to receive our legal updates by e-mail, visit E-mail preferences in My Practical Law.

You can also:

  • View most recent updates on the Practical Law Employment homepage.

  • Search for past legal updates from any page of the website.

  • Sign up to receive updates by RSS as they are published.

  • Follow us on Twitter and get all the latest employment law news: @PracLawEmployment.


Cases and legislation

You can link through directly from any reference to case law or legislation in our employment resources to the underlying source. Depending on your subscriptions, you can choose either to view the case report or statutory provision on our sister service, Westlaw UK, or through other providers including BAILII and legislation.gov.uk.

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