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In our Ask the team articles, the Practical Law Share Schemes & Incentives team provide guidance and pointers on a generic question of practical or topical interest, and illustrating how Practical Law content can be used in practical contexts. New Ask the team articles will be circulated in the weekly e-mail update. Each edition of  Ask the team can also be found under the "legal updates" tab for the relevant topic area or areas covered by the particular question.


Searching the Ask the team archive

There are three ways to find old Ask the teams on Practical Law Share Schemes & Incentives:

  • This Ask the team archive contains all of the published Ask the team articles, listed by topic.

  • Click on the "legal updates" tab in the individual topic sections (for example EMI ( These contain the Ask the team articles that are relevant to that particular subject (along with all other relevant updates). These can be sorted alphabetically, by clicking on "title" in the results page, or by date, by clicking on "date" in the results page. You can also filter the results by showing a narrower date range, using the drop down box, and search within the topic for a particular word or phrase.

  • Ask the team articles can be found through the search facility (located at the top of each page on the PLC Share Schemes & Incentives site). It is not necessary to search for the exact wording of a particular article, as a general search will bring up any relevant Ask the team articles. To prioritise Ask the team articles in the search results, simply add the phrase "ask the team" to the search terms (for example ask the team csops). (There's no need to include quotation marks or other punctuation, although if you are looking for a specific phrase (for example readily convertible assets (, then using quotation marks will produce a more targeted set of results). The search results are displayed by relevance, showing maintained documents first, so you will need to click on the "legal updates" tab in the search results to show just the Ask the teams.

If there are any issues that you would like us to cover in future Ask the team articles or if you have any problems locating Ask the team questions, please (contact us).












Tax and compliance


Corporate transactions


Listed companies




Planning for the additional tax rate




Other plans

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