Case report list

PLC Employment

Cases on PLC Employment have their own page (see this example), giving the title and neutral citation or case number, and a link to a full transcript of the judgment. They also provide links to full PLC Legal updates (where available) and relevant PLC topic pages. Links to PLC Practice notes are sometimes provided if there is no Legal update.

There are three ways to find cases:

  • Employment case reports ( . A comprehensive list of all cases in the database, grouped into individual topic pages.

  • Full case report list. Cases from all PLC Web Services, listed by topic. This list is long and may take a few seconds to load. Use Ctrl-F to locate a case using a keyword from the case name, or type "Employment" to go straight to the Employment section in the list.

  • PLC search facility. Type the name (or part of the name) of one or both parties into the search box at the top of any PLC Employment web page, and the case should appear in the search results (see this example).

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