Practical Law Commercial: provisional publishing schedule

This is the provisional schedule of new standard documents, practice notes, checklists and other materials that Practical Law Commercial plan to publish in the next 12 months. The documents are listed by topic rather than intended order for publication. Please note that this schedule is for information only and may be revised from time to time.

If you have any questions about the proposed publication schedule, or would like to suggest items of new content, please e-mail the Practical Law Commercial team.

Practical Law Commercial

Advertising and marketing




Practice notes

  • Bailment: custody for reward



Practice notes

  • A series of practice notes summarising the changes proposed by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, including:

    • Consumer Rights Act 2015: enhanced consumer remedies


General contract and boilerplate

Practice notes




  • Insurance-related outsourcing


Supply of goods and services

Standard documents

  • Supply of services agreement (pro-customer) (project basis)

  • Supply of services agreement (pro-supplier) (project basis)


New content

For details of new content added to the Practical Law Commercial homepage in the last twelve months, see Practical Law Commercial: new content ( .

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