About Practical Law Construction

A description of the Practical Law Construction service.


Practical Law Construction provides up-to-date and practical guidance on construction and engineering law and practice, covering both contentious and non-contentious areas of practice.

Our team of construction specialists creates and maintains our resources. These are supplemented with materials written by construction, engineering and projects experts ( www.practicallaw.com/3-383-5789) at leading firms, which are kept up to date by our team.



Practical Law Construction covers, or covers the construction and engineering aspects of:

  • Adjudication and adjudication enforcement.

  • Building and engineering contracts, including international construction contracts.

  • Collateral warranties and third parties.

  • Dispute resolution, including alternative dispute resolution (ADR), litigation and arbitration.

  • Development documents, including agreements for lease, development agreements and licences.

  • Health and safety.

  • Insurance.

  • Procurement and public procurement.

  • Professional appointments and liabilities.

  • Real estate and project finance.

  • Regeneration and the environment.

  • Restructuring and insolvency.

  • Statutory liabilities and taxation, including building regulations and party wall issues.



Like all Practical Law practice areas, Practical Law Construction provides:

  • Legal updates alerting you to developments in law, regulation and practice, as they happen. You can receive these by email and RSS or view online. See Construction: legal updates.

  • Practice notes with clear and up-to-date explanations of law and practice. We consult primary sources, practitioners and leading texts, distilling the principles so you can advise with confidence. See Practice notes: Construction.

  • Standard documents with integrated drafting notes, created by our team of experts. Start with a market standard template you know to be up-to-date, including agreements, letters and forms. See Standard documents and drafting notes: Construction.

  • Standard clauses with drafting notes for use in common commercial agreements. See Standard clauses and drafting notes: Construction.

  • Checklists to help you ensure you have everything covered. Quick reference reminders of the law as it applies in practice. See Checklists: Construction.

Practical Law Construction also provides:


Current awareness

Our team of experts monitor and review thousands of sources daily to identify and analyse developments that are of practical significance to lawyers.

Construction legal updates cover:

  • Cases from the Technology and Construction Court (TCC), together with relevant judgments from other courts.

  • Changes to construction legislation.

  • Consultation papers relevant to construction lawyers in practice.

  • Government announcements, policy papers and documents.

  • EU developments relevant to construction lawyers, including relating to public procurement.

  • Industry publications and guidance that may impact on the legal sector or on drafting construction documents.

  • New or revised standard form contracts, including from the JCT, FIDIC and the NEC.

A typical legal update includes:

  • A summary.

  • Relevant background information.

  • An analysis of the practical impact of the development.

  • Links to source materials (including cases), other legal updates and practice notes.

You may choose to receive our construction legal updates by weekly email. We send weekly emails on Wednesday night (UK time), which arrive in your inbox on Thursday morning.

How to access current awareness

To receive our legal updates by email, visit Email preferences in My Practical Law.

You can also:

  • View the most recent updates on the Construction homepage.

  • Search for past legal updates from any page of the website.

  • Sign up to receive updates by RSS as they are published.


Cases and legislation

You can link through directly from any reference to case law or legislation in our construction maintained resources to the underlying source. Depending on your subscriptions, you can choose either to view the case report or statutory provision on our sister service, Westlaw UK, or through other providers including BAILII and legislation.gov.uk.

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