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The telecommunications market

1. Give a brief overview of the structure of the telecommunications market in your jurisdiction. Briefly set out any major recent developments, such as mergers and acquisitions, restructurings and insolvencies.

Restrictions on foreign ownership

2. Are there any restrictions on foreign companies entering the telecommunications market in your jurisdiction?

Regulatory framework

Legislation and regulatory authorities

3. Give a brief overview of the regulatory framework for telecommunications in your jurisdiction. Which authorities regulate telecommunications services in your jurisdiction? Is there a separate regulator for competition law issues in this sector?

Authorisation and licences

4. What notification, authorisation and licences are required to provide telecommunications services? What is the licence application procedure and fee?
5. How long does a telecommunications licence typically last and what are the usual conditions attached to it? Can conditions be varied? Are licences available for public inspection?

Penalties for non-compliance

6. What are the consequences of non-compliance with the telecommunications regulations?


7. Can decisions of the regulators be appealed and on what grounds?

Universal service obligations

8. Is the incumbent provider or other large providers with significant market power subject to specific regulations? Do universal service obligations apply? Are there provisions for the structural separation of a network?

General conditions

9. What general conditions apply to telecommunications services? Which other regulations must be complied with?

Spectrum use

10. Which authorities allocate spectrum use and how is it managed?
11. Can spectrum use be traded or sublicensed?

Infrastructure and network management

12. Do communications providers have any powers to place their equipment on third party sites?

Access and interconnection

13. Does access to infrastructure and a network have to be given to other providers?
14. Is the interconnection of networks required? Are interconnection prices regulated and how are interconnection disputes resolved?

Data protection and security

15. What data protection or consumer privacy regulations apply to the telecommunications sector, including both generally applicable and sector-specific laws? Are communications providers required to retain communications data? If yes, which data and for how long? What are the penalties for breach of these regulations?
16. What are the rules relating to the interception of calls? How and on what grounds can government authorities require disclosure of communications data? What are the penalties for breach of these rules?
17. Are there any network or data security obligations imposed on communications providers?

Price regulation

18. How are prices and charges regulated?

Telephone number and subscriber management

19. How are telephone numbers allocated and managed in your jurisdiction?
20. Does access have to be provided to certain services, such as the emergency services and directory enquiries?
21. Are there regulations relating to specific consumer services, such as acquiring and transferring subscribers, number portability, complaint handling, and nuisance and silent calls?
22. Are consumer telecommunications contracts subject to specific regulations?
23. Are there restrictions on the use of Voice over IP technology in your jurisdiction?
24. Are there regulations relating to the maintenance of net neutrality in your jurisdiction?

Outsourcing and telecommunications

25. Are there specific regulations for the outsourcing of telecommunications services or the management of these services?
26. Briefly set out the current trends in outsourcing transactions in the telecommunications sector.
27. Who are the key providers of outsourced telecommunications?
28. What are the current technologies influencing or affecting outsourcing by telecommunications operators?
29. From a contractual perspective, what are the key issues in a typical telecommunications outsourcing transaction in your jurisdiction?
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