Activity direction

A direction made by the court requiring a person who is a party to proceedings to make, vary or discharge child arrangements orders ( to take part in an activity that helps to establish, maintains or improves the involvement in the life of the child of the person or another party to proceedings. Activity directions replaced contact activity directions on 22 April 2014.

An activity direction is an interim measure. The purpose of this direction is to specify the activity and the person providing the activity. The activities that may be required include:

  • Programmes.

  • Classes.

  • Counselling.

  • Guidance sessions.

An activity direction cannot require any individual to undergo medical or psychiatric examination, assessment or treatment or to take part in mediation.

A court may not make an activity direction requiring a person who is a child to take part in an activity unless the person is a parent of the child who is the subject of the proceedings. When deciding whether to make an activity direction, the welfare of the child concerned is to be the court's paramount consideration. (Sections 11A and 11B, Children Act 1989.)

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