Business immigration toolkit

A toolkit to guide users around Practical Law Employment materials on business immigration law.


The UK business immigration system is now largely contained within a five-tiered points-based system (PBS). However, there are some business immigration categories that remain outside the PBS, such as domestic workers in private households and representatives of overseas businesses (see Home Office: Immigration Rules part 5: working in the UK: Persons seeking to enter or remain in the United Kingdom for employment (paragraphs 128A to 199B)). There are other categories that allow migrants to work in the UK in some circumstances, for example students and dependants. It is also necessary to understand what business activities a visitor can undertake, what steps employers must take to prevent illegal working and who can work in the UK without immigration permission. For information on business immigration law, see the following resources:


Points-based system

The following Practice notes provide details on aspects of the PBS:

Migrants should ideally be required by their contracts to notify their employer of certain information, to enable the employer to comply with its obligations as a sponsor. For the necessary wording, see Standard clause, Employer duties: information to be obtained from migrant employees ( .


Illegal working

For information on illegal working, see the following resources:


Business visitors

For details of when an individual can come to the UK as a business visitor and what they can (and cannot) do while in the UK, see Practice note, Business visitors ( .

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