About Practical Law Financial Services

Information about the Practical Law Financial Services service, including details about coverage, resources, and current awareness.

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Practical Law Financial Services provides up-to-date and practical guidance on UK financial services law and regulation. The service also covers key EU and international developments that are likely to have an impact in the UK. It is an invaluable resource for financial services lawyers and practitioners, compliance officers, regulators and anyone with an interest in financial services regulation.

Our team of financial services specialists creates and maintains all our resources.

Our resources are supplemented with materials written with financial services experts at leading firms, which are then kept up-to-date by our team. We are also able to draw on our consultation board, which consists of a prestigious group of financial services experts.



All sectors of the financial services industry are covered by Practical Law Financial Services, so it is relevant to banks, building societies, wholesale investment firms, insurers, asset managers, financial advisers, payment services institutions, e-money institutions, mortgage brokers and home finance institutions, mutual societies, and consumer credit providers.

The service covers:

  • The UK financial services regulatory structure.

  • EU and international legislative and regulatory reforms that have an impact in the UK.

  • How financial institutions become (and stay) authorised.

  • The conduct of business rules financial institutions must adhere to.

  • Client asset and client money rules.

  • Prudential rules that apply to financial institutions.

  • Financial promotion and marketing restrictions.

  • The regulation of different financial products and markets.

  • Investigations and enforcement by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), and the Bank of England (BoE).

  • Approved person requirements and training and competence rules for those working in financial institutions.

  • Financial and corporate crime, including money laundering, market abuse, insider dealing, and sanctions.

Practical Law Financial Services subscribers also have access to Practical Law Corporate's materials on the Listing, Prospectus and Disclosure and Transparency Rules.



Like all Practical Law practice areas, we provide:

  • Legal updates alerting you to developments in law, regulation and practice, as they happen. You can receive these by email and RSS or view them online. See Financial services: legal updates.

  • Practice notes with clear, concise and up-to-date explanations of financial services law, regulation and practice, enabling you to advise with confidence. See Financial services: practice notes.

  • Checklists providing quick reference reminders of the law as it applies in practice. See Financial services: checklists.

We also provide:


Current awareness

Our team of experts monitors and reviews thousands of sources daily to identify and analyse developments that are of practical significance to financial services practitioners.

Our legal updates include:

  • Background information where relevant.

  • A summary of the development.

  • Links to external source materials, and other updates and practice notes (where appropriate).

Our legal updates cover:

  • Proposed, draft and new UK, EU and international legislation and regulation.

  • Consultation papers, policy statements, speeches and guidance from the UK government, EU authorities, UK and EU regulators, international standard-setters and other relevant bodies.

  • Key cases, enforcement actions and tribunal decisions.

  • Changes in market practice.

Choose to receive our financial services legal updates by daily or weekly email:

  • Daily emails are sent every night from Monday to Friday and will be in your inbox the following morning.

  • Weekly emails, collating each week's legal updates, are sent on Friday night and will be in your inbox by Monday morning.

Daily alerts

Daily alert emails are sent after 12pm and 4pm each day. These identify key developments that we intend to cover in our daily email, list other developments that we consider to be of interest and include links to relevant source materials.

How to access current awareness

To sign up to receive our legal updates by email, visit Email preferences in My Practical Law.

You can also:

  • View the most recent updates on the financial services homepage.

  • Search for past legal updates from any page of the website.

  • Sign up to receive updates by RSS as they are published.

  • Follow us on Twitter: @PracticalLawUK using the hashtag #FinServ.


Cases and legislation

You can link through directly from any reference to case law or legislation in our financial services resources to the underlying source. Depending on your subscriptions, you can choose either to view the case report or statutory provision on our sister service, Westlaw UK, or through other providers including BAILII and legislation.gov.uk.

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