Approved English apprenticeship agreement

An approved English apprenticeship ( under the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 (ASCLA 2009) (as amended by the Deregulation Act 2015, with effect from 26 May 2015).

An approved apprenticeship agreement must:

  • Provide for an individual to work as an apprentice in a sector for which the Secretary of State has published an approved apprenticeship standard.

  • Provide for the apprentice to receive training in order to assist the apprentice to achieve the approved apprenticeship standard in the work done under the agreement.

  • Satisfy any other conditions specified by the Secretary of State in regulations.

An approved English apprenticeship agreement has the status of a contract of service ( , which means that an apprentice engaged under an approved English apprenticeship agreement is only entitled to the statutory protections granted to ordinary employees ( . This is in contrast to the employment status of an apprentice working under a contract of apprenticeship ( , who would receive enhanced protection against dismissal.

For more information, see Practice note, Apprenticeships: employment law implications ( .

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