About Practical Law Finance

A guide to the Practical Law Finance service.


Our Finance service provides up-to-date and practical guidance on finance law and practice. It covers the legal aspects of finance transactions. Although primarily aimed at lawyers working in the area of finance (whether in private practice, in-house or elsewhere), the service will also benefit other professionals working alongside lawyers on finance-related matters.

Our team of finance specialists create and maintain all our resources.

Our resources are supplemented with materials written by finance experts at leading firms, which are kept up-to-date by our team.

To find out more, ask a question online or call us on +44 (0)20 7202 1220.



The service covers:

The service also covers:

  • Tax aspects of finance transactions.

  • Corporate law aspects of finance transactions.

  • General contract.

  • Basic legal concepts.



As for all Practical Law practice areas, we provide:

  • Legal updates alerting you to developments in law, regulation and practice, as they happen. You can receive these by email and RSS or view online. See Finance legal updates.

  • Practice notes with clear and up-to-date explanations of law and practice. We consult primary sources, practitioners and leading texts, distilling the principles so you can advise with confidence. See Finance practice notes.

  • Standard documents and clauses with drafting notes, created by our team of experts. Start with a market standard template you know to be up-to-date, including agreements, letters and clauses. See Finance standard documents and clauses.

  • Checklists to help you ensure you have everything covered. Quick reference reminders of the law as it applies in practice. See Finance checklists.

The Finance practice area also provides:

  • Articles, including those originally published in PLC Magazine, the leading monthly magazine for business lawyers.

  • Ask Finance. You can contact our team using the "Ask a question" button on the Practical Law Finance homepage. We send our responses to questions by email and may publish an anonymised version of the question, alongside our answer. You are welcome to comment on any answer we publish, so please do add your insights from practice to the discussion. To browse queries, see the Ask Finance homepage, or filter search results to show published questions and answers by selecting "Ask" as the Resource Type in the search filters.

  • Global guides on finance law and regulation around the world, featuring country Q&As and cross-border analysis articles. See Finance Global Guide.

  • Key dates for finance lawyers, a key dates calendar flagging up key finance developments for the year, with links to related Practical Law resources. This resource is updated regularly for the months ahead. See Key dates for finance lawyers in 2015 ( www.practicallaw.com/0-578-7725) .

  • Podcasts featuring analysis and views from leading commentators. See Podcasts.

  • Resources for those new to finance law. We offer key resources for trainees joining the finance department and for newly qualified finance lawyers. See Resources for those new to finance law ( www.practicallaw.com/7-504-7980) .


Current awareness

Our team of experts monitor and review hundreds of sources daily to identify and analyse developments that are of practical significance to lawyers.

Finance legal updates cover:

  • Proposed, draft and new UK and EU legislation and regulations.

  • Significant new cases.

  • Changes in market practice.

  • Consultation papers from, and other initiatives by, the EU, UK government and other relevant bodies.

A legal update generally includes:

  • A summary.

  • Relevant background information.

  • An analysis of the practical impact of the development.

  • Links to source materials (including transcripts for new cases), other legal updates and practice notes.

Choose to receive our Finance legal updates by weekly or monthly email:

  • Weekly emails will be in your inbox on Friday morning.

  • Monthly emails are sent on the last working day of the month and will be in your inbox the next morning.

The daily alert email is sent around midday every weekday. The alert links to public information, including on developments that will be covered in the weekly and monthly emails, and developments of interest that have been considered but will not be covered in the weekly and monthly emails. The alert is not an alternative to the weekly and monthly emails as it contains no analysis.

How to access current awareness

To sign up to receive our legal updates by e-mail, visit Email preferences in My Practical Law.

You can also:

  • View most recent updates on the Finance homepage.

  • Search for past legal updates from any page of the website.

  • Sign up to receive updates by RSS as they are published.

  • Follow us on Twitter: @PracticalLawUK. We use #financelaw for all finance-related tweets.


Cases and legislation

You can link through directly from any reference to case law or legislation in our Finance resources to the underlying source. Depending on your subscriptions, you can choose either to view the case report or statutory provision on our sister service, Westlaw UK, or through other providers including BAILII and legislation.gov.uk.

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