Maintenance of Practical Law resources



Our professional support team has gained experience at the world’s leading law firms and companies. Now their job is to help you do yours. They create and continually maintain thousands of online practical resources including email updates, practice notes and standard documents.


What does "maintained" mean?

If a resource status says "maintained", you can be confident that resource is up to date and reflects current law and practice.

Our team covers new important changes in law and practice as they happen in our daily, weekly and monthly email updates. They also continually maintain our existing materials as part of our ongoing maintenance process.

We monitor thousands of paper and website sources daily to identify changes that have a practical impact on the work of front-line lawyers. We use sophisticated trawling software that alerts us to changes in relevant information sources. All developments are then read and reviewed by our editors to assess their significance.

Our team stays up to date on current trends, and we also call on our wide network of expert contacts in private practice and in-house to help identify changes in practice.

We cover these changes in our current awareness bulletins, and existing resources are updated to reflect them. Depending on the nature of the development, the time it takes to update existing resources may range from a few hours to a few days.

In the case of wide-ranging legislative change affecting many of our resources, we may include a note in the abstract of all items that are affected but have not yet been updated. You can also see immediately from the resource history whether that resource has been amended to reflect a particular development (for further detail, see What is a resource history?).


Which resources are maintained?

The following resources are maintained:

  • Practice notes.

  • Standard documents.

  • Drafting notes.

  • Checklists.

  • Case and legislation trackers.


Which resources are not maintained?

The following resources are not maintained:

  • E-mail updates. These are daily, weekly and monthly current awareness emails. They are used to inform the maintenance of other resources such as practice notes and standard documents.

  • Articles. Our articles in Practical Law the Journal, PLC Magazine and Practical Law Global are current as of the date on which they are published.

  • Multi-jurisdictional guides. Our multi-jurisdictional resources are updated every year.


How can you tell whether or not a resource is maintained?

When a resource is maintained, this is clearly indicated under the title.

When a resource is not maintained, we provide a date.


What is a resource history?

All maintained resources have a resource history. This tells you whether a resource has been updated following a change in law and market practice.

The resource history identifies amendments arising from developments or market practice reviews. They may also include "No change necessary" where a major development has taken place and we decided that the resource did not need amending. Resource histories allow users to confirm at a glance that we have picked up a specific case or new legislation.


Ask Practical Law how and why a resource has been updated

If you have looked at the resource history and you’re still unsure whether or why a document has been updated, you can contact the team behind the resources. Simply click the Ask a question or Contact the team link at the top of every resource on our website and submit a question online. We aim to get back to you within a day.

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