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Please also note this project is currently being updated so the Q&A tool will not include all available jurisdictions in this subject area.

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1. What are the key recent developments affecting doing business in your jurisdiction?

Legal system

2. What is the legal system based on (for example, civil law, common law or a mixture of both)?

Foreign investment

3. Are there any restrictions on foreign investment (including authorisations required by central or local government)?
4. Are there any restrictions on doing business with certain countries or jurisdictions?
5. Are there any exchange control or currency regulations?
6. What grants or incentives are available to investors?

Business vehicles

7. What are the most common forms of business vehicle used in your jurisdiction?
8. In relation to the most common form of corporate business vehicle used by foreign companies in your jurisdiction, what are the main registration and reporting requirements?
9. In relation to the most common form of corporate business vehicle used by foreign companies in your jurisdiction, outline the management structure and key liability issues.


10. What are the main laws regulating employment relationships?
11. Is a written contract of employment required? If so, what main terms must be included in it? Do any implied terms and/or collective agreements apply to the employment relationship?
12. Do foreign employees require work permits and/or residency permits?
13. Are employees entitled to management representation and/or to be consulted in relation to corporate transactions (such as redundancies and disposals)?
14. How is the termination of individual employment contracts regulated?
15. Are redundancies and mass layoffs regulated?


16. In what circumstances is an employee taxed in your jurisdiction and what criteria are used?
17. What income tax and social security contributions must be paid by the employee and the employer during the employment relationship?
18. When is a business vehicle subject to tax in your jurisdiction?
19. What are the main taxes that potentially apply to a business vehicle subject to tax in your jurisdiction (including tax rates)?
20. How are the following taxed:
  • Dividends paid to foreign corporate shareholders?

  • Dividends received from foreign companies?

  • Interest paid to foreign corporate shareholders?

  • Intellectual property (IP) royalties paid to foreign corporate shareholders?

21. Are there any thin capitalisation rules (restrictions on loans from foreign affiliates)?
22. Must the profits of a foreign subsidiary be imputed to a parent company that is tax resident in your jurisdiction (controlled foreign company rules)?
23. Are there any transfer pricing rules?
24. How are imports and exports taxed?
25. Is there a wide network of double tax treaties?


26. Are restrictive agreements and practices regulated by competition law? Is unilateral (or single-firm) conduct regulated by competition law?
27. Are mergers and acquisitions subject to merger control?

Intellectual property

28. Outline the main IP rights in your jurisdiction.

Marketing agreements

29. Are marketing agreements regulated?


30. Are there any laws regulating e-commerce (such as electronic signatures and distance selling)?


31. Outline the regulation of advertising in your jurisdiction.

Data protection

32. Are there specific statutory data protection laws? If not, are there laws providing equivalent protection?

Product liability

33. How is product liability and product safety regulated?
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