About Practical Law Tax

A guide to the Practical Law Tax service.

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Our tax service provides up-to-date and practical guidance on business tax law and practice. It covers the UK tax aspects of a wide range of commercial transactions, including acquisitions, joint ventures, groups and group reorganisations, share and debt finance, collective investment vehicles, property investment and capital allowances, employment, IP and IT, partnerships, OMBs, private equity, venture capital, cross-border transactions, VAT, SDLT and insolvency. We also cover anti-avoidance, DOTAS, tax disputes and civil investigations. Finally, we have basic guides to all the main taxes.

Our team of 10 tax specialists create and maintain all our resources. They are also available to answer your questions through our Ask service.

Our resources are supplemented with materials written by leading tax experts ( www.practicallaw.com/1-376-4679) , which are kept up to date by our team. We have a highly experienced and distinguished consultation board, whose members advise on the direction of the service and act as a sounding board on points of law and practice.



We cover the tax aspects of the following main practice areas:

  • Corporate: share and asset sales, joint ventures, groups and group reorganisations, demergers, share buybacks, distributions, insolvency and liquidation, private equity and venture capital, enterprise investment scheme, share issues, stamp duty and SDRT.

  • Finance: corporate debt, bond issues, withholding tax, equipment leasing, securitisation, derivatives, tax issues for lenders, Sharia finance.

  • Property: property investment, landlord and tenant, property development, capital allowances, construction industry scheme, stamp duty land tax, VAT.

  • Disputes and investigations: civil tax investigations, CTSA enquiries, appeals.

  • Employment: employment income (PAYE and NICs), termination payments, secondments into and out of the UK, individual residence and domicile.

  • Financial services: investment funds, insurance premium tax, VAT on financial services, bank levy.

  • Anti-avoidance: DOTAS, GAAR, TAARs, anti-avoidance case law, HMRC clearances.

  • Cross-border: CFCs, transfer pricing, dividends, interest and royalties, worldwide debt cap, international capital movements, branch exemption, FATCA, UK inbound and outbound investment, impact of EU law, overseas tax issues in corporate and finance transactions, individual residence and domicile.

  • IP&IT: exploiting intellectual property and goodwill, film tax relief, R&D tax relief, outsourcing.

  • Energy and environment: oil and gas taxation, environmental tax measures.

  • Owner-managed businesses, self-employed and partnerships: shareholder and partner tax, directors, IR35 and service companies, entrepreneurs relief.

  • VAT and stamp duties: VAT and stamp duties aspects of common commercial and property transactions.

  • Tax basics: a series of general notes on corporation tax, income tax, capital gains tax, VAT, stamp duty, SDRT and SDLT.

Practical Law Tax does not cover:

In general, our materials cover UK tax law. However, we do not cover the law of Scotland or Northern Ireland where it differs from the law of England and Wales other than in our weekly news round-up and in content commissioned from third parties marked as covering Scotland or Northern Ireland.



As for all Practical Law practice areas, we provide:

  • Legal updates analysing key developments in law, regulation and practice, as they happen. You can receive these by e-mail, Twitter and RSS or view online. See tax legal updates. Our coverage is filtered, so you are not overwhelmed by trivial developments, and includes practical analysis and guidance.

  • Practice notes with clear, practical and up-to-date explanations of law and practice. We consult primary sources, practitioners and leading texts, distilling the principles so you can advise with confidence. See tax practice notes.

  • Standard documents with drafting notes, created by our team of experts. Start with a market standard template you know to be up-to-date, including agreements, letters, clauses and elections. See tax standard documents.

  • Checklists to help you ensure you have everything covered. Quick reference reminders of the law as it applies in practice. See tax checklists.

The tax practice area also provides:


Current awareness

Our team of experts monitor and review hundreds of sources daily to identify and analyse developments that are of practical significance to tax practitioners.

Tax legal updates cover:

  • Significant new cases.

  • Changes in HMRC and other relevant government practice.

  • Proposed, draft and new UK and EU tax legislation and regulations.

  • Consultation papers from the EU, UK government and other relevant bodies.

Each legal update includes:

  • A summary (speedread).

  • Relevant background information.

  • An analysis of the practical impact of the development.

  • Links to source materials (including transcripts for new cases), other legal updates and practice notes.

Choose to receive our tax legal updates by weekly or monthly e-mail:

  • Weekly e-mails are sent on Tuesday night and will be in your inbox on Wednesday morning.

  • Monthly e-mails are sent on the last working day of the month and will be in your inbox the next morning.

You can also receive updates as they are published throughout the week via Twitter and RSS or by viewing online. See tax legal updates.

Daily alerts

We use specialist software and human alertness to monitor hundreds of websites for tax developments. You can elect to receive a daily alert of the new developments we have identified, with an indication of which developments we will cover in the weekly e-mail. E-mails are sent around the middle of each working day. Please note that we do not include links to websites which require a subscription to access content.

Each alert includes:

  • The title of the development (for example, the case name or title of the consultation).

  • A brief description of the development.

  • Links to source materials.

How to access current awareness

To sign up to receive our current awareness by e-mail, visit E-mail preferences in My Practical Law.

You can also:

  • View most recent updates on the tax legal updates page.

  • Search for past legal updates from any page of the website.

  • Sign up to receive updates by RSS as they are published.

  • Follow us on Twitter: @PracLawTax.


Cases and legislation

You can link through directly from any reference to case law or legislation in our tax resources to the underlying source. Depending on your subscriptions, you can choose either to view the case report or statutory provision on our sister service, Westlaw UK, or through other providers including BAILII and legislation.gov.uk.


Special coverage

The tax practice area provides special coverage of key developments in the tax professional's calendar.

Budget, Autumn Statement and Finance Bill

Our one-stop shop coverage includes:

  • "What to expect" round-up of announcements, sent a week before the event.

  • Overnight e-mail summarising all the key tax announcements on the day of the event, with links to press releases, Practical Law resources and other relevant materials.

  • Comment from leading tax practitioners.

  • Detailed analysis and new guidance.

  • Legislation trackers for each new measure and for the Finance Bill as a whole.

See Budget, Autumn Statement and Finance Bill ( www.practicallaw.com/5-376-3630) for previous coverage.

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