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Relevant governmental entities

1. What are the relevant government entities (agencies, departments, branches, bodies, and so on) relating to immigration in your jurisdiction?

Sources and conflicts of law

Sources of law

2. What are the principal sources of law relating to immigration in your jurisdiction?

Conflicts of law

3. What potential conflicts (if any) arise between the various sources of law?

Business immigration

Unsponsored business-related immigration

4. What are the primary options available for unsponsored work and investment in your jurisdiction?
5. What are the options available for sponsor-based employment in your jurisdiction?
6. What are the requirements for becoming a sponsor of employment-based migrants and what are the role and reporting duties of sponsors?
7. What are the typesf civil and criminal penalties that sponsors may face for non-compliance with the rules?
8. What common issues or concerns may arise under business immigration in your jurisdiction?


9. What persons qualify as dependants (for example, family members)? What are the general requirements and restrictions for bringing dependants into your jurisdiction for sponsored and unsponsored business-related immigration?

Settlement and citizenship

10. What is the general time frame and processes for obtaining permanent residence and citizenship in your jurisdiction for sponsored and unsponsored business-related immigration?

Present climate and trends

11. What are the recent trends, both political and social, that have impacted your jurisdiction with regard to immigration policy and law?
12. Are there any anticipated changes in the immigration laws of your jurisdiction?
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