Technology and Construction Court Guide

Technology and Construction Court Guide, second edition, second revision, October 2010, which took effect from 1 October 2010 (see Practice note, TCC Guide: What changed on 1 October 2010?).

Note: The TCC Guide has not been updated to take into account the changes to the CPR and its practice directions (PDs) as a result of the April 2013 Jackson/civil litigation reforms (although the procedure in the TCC Guide already mirrors many of the reforms). Parties using the TCC should continue to follow the procedures set out in the TCC Guide as far as possible taking into account the April 2013 CPR changes. The TCC Guide is due to be updated. It was originally suggested this would be by the end of 2013 (see Legal update, TCC adopts e-disclosure protocol and guidelines from January 2014).

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