Financial Services hot topics: resources overview

An index of key hot topics for the UK financial services industry, containing links to separate hot topic practice notes.


How to use this practice note

This note sets out the current list of key hot topics for the UK financial services industry. Every hot topic identified is outlined in a separate practice note, which can be accessed via the links in the table below.

Each note tracks the development of the topic covered and, where relevant, sets out milestones for future developments in the area. Each note also contains links to key primary source materials and related Practical Law Financial Services legal updates, checklists and practice notes. It should be noted that these materials are not intended to be exhaustive lists of all relevant materials published by interested parties.


What are hot topics?

The hot topics covered by the notes listed below relate to:

  • Areas of financial services law and regulation where changes to applicable EU or UK laws, regulations or FCA and PRA rules are either proposed or anticipated. Where relevant, the notes also consider global initiatives which are likely, or have the potential, to have an impact on the UK financial services industry.

  • Key supervisory priorities of UK and EU regulatory authorities.


What are currently the hot topics in financial services?


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