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Practical Law EU

Practical Law offers various sources of EU law training for subscribers, including seminars, webinars and podcasts.


Practical Law EU hosts breakfast seminars explaining the EU legislative procedures several times a year.

Attending the seminars is free for Practical Law subscribers, and counts towards your annual non-accredited SRA CPD requirement.

Upcoming seminars can be found on Practical Law Events, and will also be announced in the Practical Law EU weekly email ( .


Practical Law EU seminars may also be recorded and made available on the Practical Law website as webinars.

A seminar on the ordinary legislative procedure was hosted on 14 November 2012. It was delivered by Vicky Marissen, Managing Director of PACT European Affairs, an EU consultancy and training centre specialising in EU decision-making procedures.

A recording of the seminar has been made available as a Webinar: The EU legislative procedure: how it works and how to influence it effectively.


Practical Law EU has recorded a Podcast: Legislation making and lobbying at EU level. Its contributors are Heleen Van Lil, Practical Law EU, Vicky Marissen, PACT European Affairs, and Darren Heath, JurisProductions.

The podcast discusses the role of the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council in EU legislation-making, as well as the ways in which businesses can influence EU law through lobbying.

Listening to this podcast may be counted towards your annual non-accredited SRA CPD requirement. Completing the accompanying quiz can be used to claim further points.

Further information

For more information about the sources of EU law and how to navigate them, see the EU Survival Kit ( .

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