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PLC Public Sector: Introduction to Public Procurement

About the podcast

In this podcast, David Gollancz, a barrister practising at 11KBW, discusses public procurement with Kirsten Maslen, PLC Editor, and considers the issues arising for a contracting authority outsourcing its IT and legal departments.

The domestic rules and key cases on jurisdiction in English law, particularly the principles of forum non conveniens and lis alibi pendens.

This podcast aims to provide a summary of the public procurement process and the main procurement issues a contracting authority should consider when outsourcing a service. Throughout the podcast reference is made to key cases and how those decisions have clarified the legislation.

PLC podcasts are produced in collaboration with JurisProductions. The podcasts can be played through PLC's website, or downloaded in mp3 format. Access to PLC Podcasts requires a subscription or a free trial.

Note that since the podcast was recorded there may have been developments in the law. To check the latest position, see our maintained resources under the Sources and References tab above.

Learning outcomes

  • Know what legislation applies to the different categories of contract.
  • Understand what is required to comply with the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 and the Treaty Principles.
  • Be aware of the issues a contracting authority should consider before collaborating on a procurement with another contracting authority.
  • Understand the key features of the procurement routes and when each might be used.
  • Be aware of the importance of the contract notice and what it must contain.
  • Understand the importance of the PQQ and the distinction between selection and award criteria.
  • Know how to ensure that your stated award criteria results in the contract being awarded to the bidder with the best tender.
  • Be aware of the requirements for a standstill period before the contract is concluded and the penalties for failure to comply.



Listen to this podcast

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  • Darren Heath, Solicitor, JurisProductions: Chair.
  • David Gollancz, Barrister, 11 KBW.
  • Kirsten Maslen, PLC Public Sector Editor.
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