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Create advanced first drafts in half the time.

FastDraft helps you to create documents faster by using shortcuts such as importing data from your existing projects, your contacts or from Companies House. It’s available on more than 200 documents and it’s free as part of a Practical Law subscription.

A recent survey showed that 65% of users saved 40% or more of their drafting time by using FastDraft.

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How does it work?

By making a few important choices up front and entering key data, you can quickly create a focused, honed first draft. FastDraft shares information from one document across a suite of relevant documents, allowing you to produce ancillary documents at the touch of a button. You can see how the system works and the benefits it provides by viewing this demonstration

Get started

  • Log in using your unique username and password on the FastDraft homepage, or request a free trial (see options on right).
  • Choose a document: on Practical Law website, look for the FastDraft icon in topic lists, or select from the list of FastDraft documents.
  • Click Start drafting to enter FastDraft and answer a short set of questions.
  • Export to Microsoft Word when you are ready.

FastDraft is free to existing subscribers. You must be logged in with your unique username and password to use it. If you do not have one, or would like a reminder, please email




Our training team can help your organisation get the most out of FastDraft


Q. Is the information secure?

Yes. Data is encrypted by secure socket layers (industry-standard for securing data from browser to server) and kept in a secure industry-strength database. For full details on security, hosting and other matters, click here.

Q. Do I need any software?

No. FastDraft is an internet application and does not require anything to be installed locally.

Q. What is the difference between FastDraft and other document automation products (for example, Hotdocs)?

FastDraft provides sets of pre-authored automated documents: in other words, we have automated our standard documents. You do not have to do any additional authoring work to use them.

Q. Do documents come out in my firm's house style?

Yes, if your firm also subscribes to FirmStyle.

Q. Will FastDraft integrate with my document management system?

Yes. You can save all documents in your document management system because they are standard Microsoft Word documents.

New FastDraft enhancements

Managing your contacts and projects has become easier: introduction of centralised Contact Address Book, import Outlook or Gmail contacts and archive old documents. Find out more.


"FastDraft enables us to turn around complex agreements at speed and without compromising accuracy or quality. Once again, Practical Law has designed something that makes you question how you managed without it."

- Phil Riman, Partner and FastDraft user, White and Black

FastDraft Maintenance

Please note FastDraft will be unavailable from 4 am till 4.15 am daily, due to essential maintenance work. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Create and share your own notes on resources.

Annotation lets you create and maintain your notes on our resources and share these annotations securely with colleagues. It’s free as part of a Practical Law subscription.

  • Capture and record useful know-how around Practical Law resources
  • Supplement a Practical Law resource with additional commentary
  • Link to internal know-how and documents
  • Indicate reliance on a Practical Law resource where no internal equivalent exists
  • Share knowledge among teams

How does it work?

Annotation uses a simple text-editor interface. Your notes can be as detailed or brief as you like and you can be safe in the knowledge that they can only be viewed by people in your organisation.

  • Annotations appear at the top of each Practical Law resource.
  • Full history and edit details stored for future reference.
  • Customise multiple groups of "readers" and "writers" to suit different areas of interest within your organisation.
  • Choose who can create or edit annotation note entries.
  • Enable read-only access for all or part of your organisation.

Get started

Annotation is simple to set up. To get started, please email

If you would like a short demonstration, please email


FirmStyle delivers Practical Law standard documents in your house style at a fraction of the cost of doing the conversion work internally. Get client-ready documents without having to fiddle with formatting.

FirmStyle is included as part of a Practical Law subscription and can be set up in just 48 hours using our simple online application. Please contact us for further information about getting started.

  • Remove the hassle of converting our documents to your house style.
  • Improve turnaround time.
  • Work on a precedent from anywhere in the world without secretarial input.
  • Guarantee smart, consistent formatting at the touch of a button.
  • More than standard fonts and layouts: standardise introductory and attestation wording.

FirmStyle enhancements

  • More options in the initial FirmStyle set-up survey – allowing you to achieve your organisation’s house style without the need for bespoke setup and significantly reducing the wait for your documents
  • A simpler and more user-friendly interface
  • The ability to download Microsoft Word documents in .docx format

How does it work?

Complete our simple online application process and within 48 hours you and your colleagues can download any Practical Law standard document, pre-formatted to your organisation's house style.

Choose from more than 150,000 variations allowing you to customise your logo, address, font type and size, numbering style, contents, phrasing of introduction and execution clauses and more.

Get started

  • Contact your account manager, or email and request FirmStyle setup. Your account manager will send you a link to our online FirmStyle application.
  • Fill out the 7-step application to decide your FirmStyle.
  • In less than 48 hours, you and your colleagues can download any Practical Law standard document or clause in your house style.

More information

Tailor our content for your clients with business briefing

Your clients expect a certain amount of insight for free and providing generic advice to prospects can help you win business. But producing regular content for business and practice development can be time-consuming, especially without access to a professional support team.

Business briefing provides you with regular checklists, written for non-lawyers in private companies, which you can top and tail and publish on your website or send to clients and prospects. Each month, we send out new checklists in our business briefing email. Find out more about how you can use business briefing.

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