"Practical Law has changed the way we inform ourselves.
There isn't anyone else who brings together knowledge and analysis in the same practical way that Practical Law does. We receive plenty of other e-mail updates and have access to all the academic texts, but there is nothing as instant, targeted and well-maintained as Practical Law know-how.
Practical Law is a hugely helpful starting point. My team and I read Practical Law e-mail updates keenly. It's a tremendous way for us to keep in touch with legal developments in construction law. Our lawyers are now better informed and our PSLs are freed up to focus on more tailored client-facing activities. It makes their jobs more interesting and it's better for business."

- John Hughes-D'Aeth, Partner, Berwin Leighton Paisner

"I find Practical Law's material invaluable for keeping up to date with current law and practice. In particular, their adjudication content is first class – a real credit to the Practical Law team."

- Edward Banyard Smith, Partner, Farrer & Co

"I have come to dread Thursday mornings, because I know that in the middle of the night Practical Law will have delivered another e-mail full of timely, topical and must-read update materials that all litigators, no matter how busy, must take time to read.
Fortunately, there is a range of reading methods – in detail or an overview. Either way, Thursday tends to end with me better informed. I find the practitioners' views especially useful; whether it’s the regular Practical Law contributors or those who write on a topical issue. Practical Law's e-mail updates are essential reading. The more experienced you are, the more you realise you need materials like these to keep up to-date."

- Colin Passmore, Partner, Simmons & Simmons

"As a sole practitioner (after 30-odd years in practice in much larger legal practices with support lawyers and lots of people to bounce ideas off), I find Practical Law 'Ask' to be a really valuable service."

- Philip Hunter, Director, Venator Legal Services

"Our international arbitration group is a regular user of Practical Law's Arbitration and Dispute Resolution services. The legal updates, to which we contribute, help us stay abreast of the latest legal developments for our clients. We value Practical Law's responsiveness and service-oriented approach."

- Reza Mohtashami, Partner and head of MENA international arbitration practice, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

"Detailed, reliable and accurate articles, together with prompt and insightful ‘Ask the team’ answers. Practical Law has speedily become my right hand man for legal research."

- Tanya Solomons, Solicitor, Sharpe Pritchard

"Practical Law is a very useful reference source and it's getting better all the time. It’s easily the best online legal information provider.
Practical Law is one of our main resources. The weekly update e-mails are helpful guides to what's happening and the links to the relevant article, drafting or case report work well.
The standard documents and drafting notes are also useful, even if just as an indication of what is market standard. Being able to download FirmStyle documents in our house style is another useful feature. I'm more than happy to use Practical Law’s boiler plate drafting in transactions and update any definitions and cross references when necessary."

- Stuart Pemble, Partner, Mills & Reeve

"Practical Law Employment is a first-class service and an important addition to the support we receive from our internal team. In my opinion, they analyse new developments better than any other service. The underlying materials (practice notes, drafting notes, case and legislation tracker tables etc) are extremely useful. The resources really hit the nail on the head – I think this is due to the quality of the lawyers behind the service."

- James Davies, Partner, Lewis Silkin

"As a busy property lawyer, I find access to Practical Law very helpful – in fact, when I recently moved firms it was an influential factor in my move.
Practical Law provides market standard documents, which are a great starting point when drafting and a useful reference when reviewing documents from third party lawyers.
I have also used the 'Ask' service, which is an excellent source of reference. Recently, I had a query around sub-sales and liability on insolvency; the team got back to me within a day, helpfully confirming my views. I also receive the daily property updates which are useful for keeping up to date on cases and giving advance notice of changes in legislation."

- Simon Wilson, Property Partner, Wollen Michelmore Solicitors

"I have spent time looking at most of the items in ask Practical Law as they have been published in the daily feeds as I always find them intriguing. It is, I think, a common problem that text books so rarely give you an answer to the actual question you have, but Ask really goes a long way to fill in the gaps that the practicalities of life demand to be filled. A most excellent resource."

- Alun K. Jones, Solicitor, Everyman Legal

"Practical Law gave a timely and comprehensive response to my 'Ask' query. This is one of the reasons why I subscribe to Practical Law rather than any other legal information provider."

- John Gwynne Hughes, Partner, Gwynne Hughes Solicitors

"I can't count the amount of times a week I say ‘Thank God for Practical Law’. I refer to their resources all day, for precedents and for case updates. Particularly, for example, if I am negotiating a break clause, where I might use Practical Law to remind myself of the various arguments for including this or that proviso.
I can use Practical Law resources on the hop – looking up cases or recent articles online while I am talking to the other solicitor or even to a client. Their resources are succinct, relevant and easy to use.
The search facility is fast and user friendly – usually within seconds I have back up for whatever I am trying to argue.
I also find that other solicitors are using Practical Law more and more, so when I get a lease package in for example, I instantly recognise if a Practical Law precedent has been used. It makes negotiation smoother because I know the standard clauses are all going to be reasonable and up to date, which allows me to focus on the meat of the deal – such as the rent review, the repair obligation. It saves me a significant amount of time."

- Samantha Leigh, Partner, Darbys

"Practical Law is the best service of its kind."

- Dean Mason, Library and Information Services Manager, Salans

"As a sole practitioner, using Practical Law gives me confidence that I have access to up-to-date precedents and a vast amount of know-how resources in a user-friendly form. I have the capability to advise on matters that I may have otherwise referred to others. Practical Law is an easy-to-use, trusted source of information which enables me to generate more fees."

- Neil Price, Director, Neil Price Law

"Practical Law brings country-specific know-how for different disciplines to our doorstep. Empowerment is just a click away."

- Alice Ramohlola, Senior Librarian, Bowman Gilfillan

"Practical Law is an essential tool for in-house lawyers in Asia. The precedents are international standard, and it keeps us up-to-date with the many practice areas and jurisdictions we need to stay on top of. When I started here I asked for Practical Law access as part of my employment contract – that’s how much I value the service."

- Gerald Licnachan, EVP and Group General Counsel, STEPPE CAPITAL

"If I could only have one resource as an in-house lawyer, it would be Practical Law.
It's incredibly cost-effective and extremely enabling. Practical Law has saved me a lot of time and resource in my various in-house legal roles at the University of Southampton and fund management company Lloyd George Management. As general counsel you need to be able to deal with every aspect of a business which means you need access to reliable and up-to-date information about a plethora of subjects. Practical Law gives you an accurate and maintained know-how and precedent library at your fingertips. It’s enormously reassuring.
A legal department needs to be cost-effective for the business. Practical Law allows you to achieve that. You can consult Practical Law in the first instance rather than going straight to external counsel. It also allows you to be much broader in your reach and access the information you need readily.
As a sole general counsel, you don’t have a team of lawyers to provide support; Practical Law effectively became my legal team. Their multi-jurisdictional guides and online resources also allowed me to be a multi-jurisdictional resource for my company.
Although I have had access to other online resources, for me there is no comparison. Practical Law does what it says in the tin – it's law tailored to legal practitioners' needs and when you’re working in a busy, multi-faceted department, that’s what you need."

- Anita George, Legal Consultant and former Global General Counsel, Lloyd George Management

"Superb in-house tool, couldn't live without it."

- Cheryl Campbell- Price, Alltech inc

"Excellent – quality, practical"

- Claude Bahoushy, Deputy General Counsel, Alliance Healthcare

"Excellent service – only product I use for legal know-how. I am a big fan and have been for years."

- David Horne, Partner and Company Secretary, Murray International Holding Limited

"My starting point was to call my law firm contacts and ask them which service was indispensable to them. The overwhelming response was Practical Law. Now, without Practical Law, we would certainly be spending more money on law firms. With Practical Law, we can get up to speed quickly ourselves, and give better instructions to our firms... Practical Law is like having a virtual lawyer in each discipline."

- Giles Millerchip, Head of Legal, McArthur Glen

"We don't have any professional support lawyers at William Grant; we see Practical Law as our virtual professional support team.
Practical Law allows us to jump into unfamiliar topics and get up to speed quickly. As a small team of generalists, that’s crucial. Keeping up to date with relevant developments is also a constant challenge. We get inundated with email alerts from law firms, many of which aren’t specific enough to be really useful. We need email updates that are pertinent – we get that from Practical Law.
We also use Practical Law practice notes as an excellent frame of reference if we’re kicking off a project. Resources like the glossary of terms are particularly useful for giving practical guidance to our commercial colleagues. We’re a global business but the core legal team operate out of Scotland which means we frequently have to work in unfamiliar jurisdictions. We instruct many law firms around the world on issues such as imports and distribution arrangements. Practical Law multi-jurisdictional guides are invaluable in helping me to grasp differences in local law and know the key questions to ask when instructing local counsel.
The Practical Law ‘Doing Business in’ guide gave me an excellent overview on complex legal matters while on a plane to Mexico to instruct local legal counsel recently. It was an unfamiliar jurisdiction for me, but by the time I arrived I felt informed and comfortable walking into the meeting with the local experts. "

- Greg Bargeton, Head of Legal, William Grant & Sons

"Subscribing to Practical Law saves me an awful lot of time – it’s like having another lawyer in the room doing all the work you don’t have time to do."

- Vicki Stevens, Legal Services Managers, Ford Retail

"When I first moved into the role, I was signed up to a lot of update services, including that provided by another regulatory know-how provider, and law firm publications. It was information overload, so I analysed the value of what I received and cancelled all but Practical Law.
I always read the source legal materials when the subject is important and can look for commentary on an issue when I need it, but what I needed from a know-how provider was a comprehensive service to cover the fundamentals and keep me up to speed with regulatory developments. That’s what I found in Practical Law.
I was very reliant on the Practical Law financial services daily update e-mail – it was the first thing I looked at every morning. I also used some practice notes heavily, including those on the scope of regulated activities.
I found the materials on the Bribery Act very useful. Like all companies, we had to make sure we were compliant in a very short space of time. Practical Law gave us everything on a plate. We used Practical Law materials as our instruction manual and as a framework for implementation. The project took a week or two; it could have taken a month or more without practical law materials.
One of the biggest issues I faced was finding my way through all the knowledge that’s out there. The Practical Law ‘Ask’ service really helped with that. Being able to contact a Practical Law team member online to ask about resources (and knowing that they will get back to you within a day!) Gave me the assurance I needed that I had covered off everything, so I could move on. "

- Israel Nyman, Regulatory Compliance Director, GH Financials, former Regulatory Advisor at TRANSACT (Integrated Financial Arrangements)

"Lives up to its name. Practical, well-informed, high quality."

- Malcolm Wood, Company Secretary and General Counsel, Standard Life

"Practical Law is my first port of call; I know I can rely on its documents to be up to date, and the plain-language approach saves time when dealing with non-lawyers. With Practical Law, I have a strong starting point from which to build, and I can be comfortable that it is up to date."

- Mark Biddle, General Counsel, Williams F1

"Practical Law provides a bank of legal know-how at your fingertips. It allows you to find fast answers to most legal questions that come across your desk as an in-house lawyer. We’ve invested in it because, used properly, it saves time and money.
The online service from Practical Law enhances, supplements and confirms my knowledge. I can read around a subject, focus in on a clause or agreement. It’s an excellent checking point and one-stop shop for legal know-how.
On one occasion, the business asked me if a potentially damaging article in a trade press was libellous. I went straight to Practical Law and within 20 minutes I had a comprehensive account of the differences between libel and slander. We were able to take action against the magazine quickly, reducing any potential harmful effects.
Unlike outside counsel, Practical Law is always available. It stops me from having to go to outside counsel in the first instance and allows me to find the answer myself so I can respond to the business quickly."

- Nicola Gifford, Group Legal Counsel, Towergate Insurance

"Very good service and excellent resources – easy to digest and understand at quick glance as well as providing details if you have the time to read the information. Team members are very helpful and experienced."

- Sheena Singla, General Counsel, Essar Energy

"I whole-heartedly recommend Practical Law to any in-house legal department. Their materials are reliable and practical – really of the highest standard. They work with the best firms, but always adding that distinctive Practical Law magic – a combination clarity, relevance and presentational excellence.
With Practical Law we can draft agreements confident they reflect current law and practice. Our lawyers can research an issue thoroughly before giving instructions to outside counsel, improving the quality of our instructions and ensuring we get the maximum value from our firms. They can handle transactions from start to finish confident we have covered all the issues. And they can take on work for which they would otherwise lack the necessary knowledge and experience.
Incidentally, we would also expect our external firms to use the service – associates are far more productive with access to Practical Law."

- Stephen Williams, Consultant and Former General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer, Unilever

"Whether it’s on a compliance or corporate governance issue, Practical Law has the relevant information and guidance in a well-organised and fully searchable resource."

- Daniel Wilson, Group Compliance Counsel, British American Tobacco

"We have a small department here and are being constantly squeezed for staff and resources. I currently have very few opportunities to discuss detailed legal queries with colleagues – so I really appreciate the Ask service."

- Alison Symon, Solicitor, Middlesbrough Council

"In an increasingly challenging environment, Practical Law Public Sector helps us continue to deliver excellent services with fewer resources. As a subscriber I know I can get everything I need quickly, and I don't have to waste time trying to find information or draft documents from scratch.
In common with other public sector legal teams, we are increasingly internalising work and limiting our reliance on external advisers. Practical Law Public Sector helps, especially in specialist areas that we do not otherwise encounter very often. I always look at Practical Law first – and if I still need to go to a law firm, I can do so more cost-efficiently, with more focused instructions.
Practical Law Public Sector is much easier to navigate and more user-friendly than other comparable services. The precedents, practice notes and updates are always clear, concise and accurate, and they link through to deeper information when I need it."

- Cathryn Moore, Solicitor, Partnerships and Procurement, North Yorkshire County Council

"Practical Law Property has proven its value to us time and time again. We find the precedents which cover a wide diversity of property transactions extremely useful as they cover most types of transaction that the Council is a party to and are in any event very easy to adapt. The use of the updates and drafting notes has enabled us to achieve budget savings on encyclopaedias and other precedent books and is a far easier way to access important changes and best practice in drafting."

- Clarissa Evans, Commercial Team Manager, Finance and Legal Services, Coventry City Council

"The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills has about 80 lawyers, the majority of whom give legal advice to policy officials and create legislation. Some of them carry out procurement, contract and employment work.
We find Practical Law’s public sector weekly e-mail very useful – it concisely summarises matters of interest to public sector lawyers, such as developments in FOI, procurement and data protection. We also use Practical Law to fill gaps in our precedents – for example we have a limited number of commercial law precedents in comparison to a private sector firm – and to supplement our knowledge of commercial and company law. For example, if one of our civil servants is required as part of his or her job to become a director of a company and asks about the obligations of a director we are able to draw on Practical Law practice notes to advise on this. Our employment lawyers use Practical Law in a similar way."

- Mark Bucknill, Deputy Director, Legal Services, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

"Our Property and Contracts team is finding Practical Law Public Sector an invaluable source of up-to-date information. We have been impressed by the range of precedents available, and by the helpfulness of the guidance. The legal awareness service allows us to keep on top of developments and to alert our Council colleagues to issues that affect them. Practical Law Public Sector allows us to work more efficiently and productively."

- Simon Pugh, Head of Legal Services, Cambridge City Council

"Practical Law has proved to be a valuable and reliable online resource for the Property and Procurement section for quick access to up-to-date checklists, guidance notes and precedents. For routine legal transactions that are managed by the section, it provides user friendly guidance notes and useful quick links to external web pages where relevant which has reduced our research time.
The online training available through PLC is also a bonus as it provides us with the flexibility of gaining some CPD points without the need to travel to attend external training courses."

- Sorriya Richeux, Principal Solicitor, Nottinghamshire County Council

"Like many local authorities, we’re under pressure to do more with less. We recently lost several team members and those roles aren’t being replaced. The biggest challenge is adapting and working across new areas outside your specialism.
We don’t have professional support lawyers, so Practical Law is invaluable. I receive Practical Law email updates and I also use Practical Law practice notes every day. We use Westlaw for cases and legislation but we no longer use Lexis Nexis as we found it difficult to navigate and confusing. We much prefer Practical Law.
I use Practical Law precedents including loan agreements and, recently, the Bribery Act clause for public sector contracts. I know Practical Law maintains all their precedents which is especially crucial when dealing with topics such as children’s law and CRB checks.
The Practical Law 'Ask' service is invaluable. It's like having another solicitor working with you. It's great backup to know you will get feedback the same day and often it takes you in a direction you hadn't considered.
I use the query service frequently for issues around procurement as I’m new to that area of law. The vast majority of our contracts at Hartlepool Borough Council go out to tender. I used the Practical Law query service recently to ask about the right of disclosure of the winning bidder and the right to ban a bidder who has pulled out of a tender, for example. They always point me in the direction of useful resources. We have a panel of external solicitors but they're not on a retainer, so if I have a standard query about a loan agreement for example, it would be very expensive to go to them.
Practical Law saves me from having to consult external counsel in the first instance and it also saves me two to three hours of research time every time I have a query."

- Local government lawyer

"As a strategic sourcing team that prides itself on being at the forefront of commercially savvy public sector procurement, using the resources available to us on Practical Law gives us great confidence that we have quick, easy access to vast and up-to-date know-how on very practical public procurement issues. As we are a team sourcing professionals rather than of lawyers, having such a practical, user-friendly resource is very important to us and enables us to keep abreast with developments."

- Edward Vera-Cruz , Head of Procurement & Contract Services, West Sussex County Council

"Practical Law is a very impressive and useful resource. I also contribute articles to Practical Law. It's good to be a part of something so well-regarded, valuable, and read by so many people.
To practise now, Practical Law is an essential part of a lawyer’s toolkit. I use the Corporate, Dispute Resolution and Employment resources and I think they’re excellent. The summaries of law are all up-to-date and maintained. As so many people use it, if you don't then you can fall behind on the latest know-how and drafting.
I use Practical Law in three ways – for the precedent data-bases, to see what other people are saying about areas of law I’m working on, and to get a quick and reliable overview on a subject that I don’t regularly deal with. When drafting it is very useful to look at precedents you can trust. If someone presents me with a draft, it invariably comes from Practical Law, and I'm interested to see how they've tweaked it.
I use most of the other legal know-how providers and Practical Law compares very well. It does exactly what it sets out to."

- Jeremy Callman, Barrister, Ten Old Square

"As a QC specialising in shipping and commercial, I need to be absolutely up to speed, which is why I subscribe to Practical Law's Arbitration and Dispute Resolution services. If I want to know the latest on anti-suit injunctions for example, I can tap in to all of the Practical Law resources on that including the weekly and monthly e-mail updates.
I also know that our solicitors use Practical Law and it’s imperative that we have access to the same resources as they do. The Practical Law practice notes pull together all the strands around a certain issue or topic, so you can be confident you've covered everything. It saves hours of research time and you get the critical perspective of the very talented lawyers who produce the materials.
I was recently working on a major Court of Appeal case where I needed to find out about proposed changes to the judgments regulation. I needed to chart what had happened in order to plan my approach to the case. Practical Law provided me with all the materials I needed to do a good job. I’m surprised more people at the Bar don’t use Practical Law. It's immensely useful – especially, I imagine, for junior barristers who are tackling a particular application for the first time."

- Vasanti Selvaratnam, QC, Stone Chambers

"Practical Law's Family service provides access to a wide range of expert information and materials in an up-to-date, user-friendly format. It will fast become an essential reference tool for all busy family law practitioners."

- Philip Marshall QC, Joint Head of Chambers, 1 King's Bench Walk

"Practical Law Family is an idea whose time has well and truly come. At this time of ever squeezed resources the more help the practitioner can get to access the right know-how and standard documents quickly, the better. The in-house team and contributors have masses of hands on experience to ensure the best service. Just what we all need."

- The Honourable Mr Justice Coleridge, High Court Judge, Family Division

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