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The Scottish Children's Hearings System in Action

This Bloomsbury Professional book offers a unique insight into the workings of hearings and courts in Scotland, and makes explicit what those involved with the children's hearings system really need to know to achieve their aims. Comprising two case histories, one "Alleged offences by the child" case study and one "Care and protection" case study, this practical and accessible book clearly reflects the dual nature of the Scottish system. Each case is traced from the outset through the hearings procedures, into the Sheriff Court and final disposal by hearing, with possible appeal to the sheriff against the decision of the hearing. Commentary is inserted at appropriate points in order to explain clearly what is happening and why. This authoritative text also includes completed forms for use in relation to hearings and court proceedings and guidance on good practice. This is an invaluable text for children's panel members and trainees, children's reporters, judges, sheriffs, advocates and solicitors and also social workers.

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Sheriff Brian Kearney
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