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The Requirements of Writing (Scotland)

This Bloomsbury Professional book examines how the Requirements of Writing (Scotland) Act 1995 brought about a radical transformation of the Scottish system of execution of deeds. The 1995 Act established the basic principle that, save where expressly provided, contracts, obligations and trusts are not required to be in writing. Where writing is still required, the 1995 Act reforms and modernises many aspects of the law relating to execution of deeds, including subscription, alterations, attestation, probativity and notarial execution. The authors provide a succinct narrative on the law relating to the execution of deeds by setting the subject in its historical context, then examining the pre-1995 law (which continues to apply to pre-1995 deeds) and finally discussing the 1995 Act. Although the 1995 Act was passed some time ago now, it is still important for the execution of documents under Scots law today.

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Robert Rennie and Douglas J Cusine

Table of Contents

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