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Local Government Law in Scotland: An Introduction, 2nd Edition

This Bloomsbury Professional book is essential reading for anyone with an involvement or interest in local government in Scotland.  This important text covers the structure and functions of local government as well as the legal relationship between local government and the Scottish Parliament. This edition takes account of the new electoral system for local government which was used for the first time in the council elections of 2007 and its impact on the governance of Scotland. It also takes account of the new Scottish Administration formed following the third ordinary election to the Scottish Parliament which took place at the same time. In addition, it brings the reader up-to-date on various other changes which have occurred since 2003. This clear explanation of a complex area of law is an invaluable source of reference for local government employees and solicitors in private practice who require a basic understanding of how local government works. It is also essential reading for students of law, politics and public administration.

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Jean McFadden MA, LLB

Table of Contents

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