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Technology Transfer, 3rd Edition

This Bloomsbury Professional book examines the law in the context of commercial transactions involving the development, use or commercialisation of technology and associated intellectual property rights. Among the many types of transaction that can fall within this category, the authors focus on research and development contracts and intellectual property licences. The third edition follows the structure of the second, with fully revised content incorporating changes to: competition law (including Regulation 772/2004 on technology transfer agreements and changes to the Competition Act 1998); the regulation of research and industry sectors involved in technology transfer (including the Human Tissue Act 2004); the release of information held by many organisations involved in technology transfer (following the introduction of the Freedom of Information Act 2000); and the core UK legislation dealing with intellectual property (including the Patents Act 2004 and the Information Society Directive). Important case law is also examined, e.g. on the right of employees to receive compensation from their inventions, whether patents are capable of industrial application and whether software is capable of protection by patents; or whether it is possible to protect the ideas of concepts contained in computer software with copyright. There is also greater coverage of the law of confidence, the protection of databases and different types of transfer technology agreements (including pipeline agreements and guidance on drafting).

"All practitioners who deal with technology transfer arrangements in England and Wales should own a copy of this work" (Review of 2nd edition from the Journal of E-commerce, Technology and Communications)

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Mark Anderson and Victor Warner

Table of Contents

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