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Advising smaller businesses

Browse key resources for advising on common transactions and events in the lifecycle of a small business

Forming a business

Recruiting new staff

Acquiring premises

Business ownership, management and administration

Commercial transactions

Dispute management

Protecting and exploiting intellectual property

Regulation and compliance

Bringing in new investors


Demystifying company accounts

A note helping lawyers understand how company accounts are prepared and read.

PLC Magazine

The leading monthly journal for business lawyers advising companies active in the UK.

Property step-by-step guides

Guidance on the practical steps required to complete a range of property transactions.

Business development

Content for business and practice development.

Corporate questions for counsel

Answers to questions we put to 4 Stone Buildings.

Brexit: the legal implications

Visit our Brexit landing page for a collection of content on the legal implications of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

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