Browse resources and view the latest updates on international, English and other jurisdiction-specific, and investment treaty, arbitration. For coverage specifically of arbitration in England and Wales, see Arbitration (England and Wales)


Arbitration: England and Wales

Practical guidance on arbitration practice and procedure in England and Wales.

Tracking developments

Keep up-to-date with anticipated arbitration-related developments this year and beyond with our What to expect tracker.

Brexit: the legal implications

Visit our Brexit landing page for a collection of content on the legal implications of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Clause drafting resources

Use our standard clauses, drafting notes and practice notes to guide you through the process of drafting an arbitration clause.

Getting started on Arbitration

See our collection of essential reading, tools and information for those new to arbitration, including useful links to legislation, arbitral centres and rules.

Brexit: potential implications for arbitration

See our article for the potential consequences of the Brexit vote on arbitration.

Legal updates

Investment treaty arbitration resources

See our collection of practice notes, articles and legal updates on legal and procedural issues in investment treaty arbitration.

Russell on Arbitration

First published in 1849, Russell on Arbitration has been the principle practitioner’s reference on English arbitration for over 150 years, and gives you authoritative guidance on all stages of the arbitration process. View now at Sweet & Maxwell and on Westlaw UK.

The new Practical Law

Practical Law UK is re-launching

We will soon be launching the new Practical Law UK, bringing a more streamlined look and feel, an improved search capability and many new features. Stay tuned for more information.

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