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Conditions precedent and the potential application of UCTA

Calum Lamont, barrister, Keating Chambers

"The interesting repercussion of the judgment... is that it would appear to be possible to deal on written standard terms of business for the purposes of engaging UCTA, even if only one of the terms in the contract in question emanates from those standard terms of business."

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Court considers failure to complete standard form contract and section 106

Jonathan Cope, director, MCMS Ltd

"... there is a sense of irony in the judgment... in that the parties made a complete volte-face... Given the court's findings, how the claimants must now be wishing they'd signed the contract!"

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No more cold comfort farm: the future looks bright for renewables

Natalie Wardle, associate director, Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP

"Over the last year or so, the UK's renewables sector has experienced a period of deep uncertainty... [but] ironically, one of the first things the government did following Brexit was to re-affirm its commitment to the sector through the medium of the fifth carbon budget."

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Some of the consequences of Deluxe v Beck

Matt Molloy, director, MCMS Ltd

"It is just a thought, but how long will it be before we see a party arguing that by naming a single adjudicator in the contract, the parties have agreed to refer all disputes to that individual and that agreement extends to dealing with more than one dispute at the same time?"

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Construction and Projects Global Guide

For a Q&A guide to construction and projects law and developments in key jurisdictions, see Construction and projects multi-jurisdictional guide.

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The new Practical Law

Practical Law UK is re-launching

We will soon be launching the new Practical Law UK, bringing a more streamlined look and feel, an improved search capability and many new features. Stay tuned for more information.

10th Annual Construction Law Conference

Construction Law Conference

Has it really been 10 years? This October see’s Sweet & Maxwell host its 10th Annual Construction Law Conference. The website is now live, please click here to view the most up to date information regarding the key themes and speakers. Book your place now to ensure you get a discounted price.

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Keating on Construction Contracts, 10th Edition

Keating on Construction contracts is the fundamental text for research on the history and principles governing building contracts; their practical application and their interpretation by the courts.

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