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TCC considers the impact that paying an adjudicator's fees has on jurisdictional challenges

Jonathan Cope, director, MCMS Ltd

"While [PC Harrington v Systech clauses] have proved to be unpopular with some parties, on this occasion MW High Tech benefited from it. Perhaps we will now see parties' objections to such clauses fall away."

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Consumer Rights Act 2015: mostly plain sailing but watch out for Feldarol

Richard Benn, associate, Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP

"The CRA introduces a number of new rules which may come as something of a surprise to traders carrying out construction works [for a consumer]."

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Bogged down in paperwork over steelwork exceptions under section 105(2)

Matt Molloy, director, MCMS Ltd

"...section 105(2) [of the Construction Act 1996] should be consigned to George Orwell's fate worse than death, Room 101!"

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Supreme Court reformulates the penalty rule in Cavendish v Makdessi

Matthew Finn, barrister, Keating Chambers

" determining what constitutes a penalty in the future, Lord Dunedin's four principles will be used in conjunction with the 'legitimate interest' test put forward in subtly different ways."

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For a Q&A guide to construction and projects law and developments in key jurisdictions, see Construction and projects multi-jurisdictional guide.

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