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Specific implement in Scots Law

Julie Scott-Gilroy, associate, BTO Solicitors

"In Scots law, a party is entitled to an order compelling performance (specific implement), although there are occasions where specific implement will be refused."

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Increased use of mediation in construction disputes

Matt Molloy, director, MCMS Ltd

"Mediation often leads to settlement... It can also lead to some surprising and unexpected results, ones you wouldn't necessarily anticipate at the outset of the process."

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January 2016 digest: frosty mornings and new beginnings

Practical Law Construction

"I leant upon a coppice gate, when Frost was spectre-grey, And Winter’s dregs made desolate, the weakening eye of day."

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Henia v Beck: time for a rethink?

Brenna Conroy, barrister, Hardwicke

"We are currently left with a TCC decision in keeping with the wording of the Construction Act 1996, but which appears to undermine the dual notice payment regime intended by the Act."

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Construction and Projects Global Guide

For a Q&A guide to construction and projects law and developments in key jurisdictions, see Construction and projects multi-jurisdictional guide.

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Access your favourite English law, Scots law and tax titles from publisher Bloomsbury Professional.

FastDraft your documents

FastDraft helps you to create documents faster by using shortcuts such as importing data from your existing projects, your contacts or from Companies House.


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The new Practical Law

Practical Law UK is re-launching

We will soon be launching the new Practical Law UK, bringing a more streamlined look and feel, an improved search capability and many new features. Stay tuned for more information.

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Hudson's Building and Engineering Contracts, 13th Edition

Hudson's Building and Engineering Contracts provides an overview of the law and interpretation of construction contracts. The 13th edition was published in December 2015.

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