CPD points

Gain CPD points with Practical Law

CPD requirements are changing, and it’s becoming even more important to find high quality, targeted training that provides valuable insights to help in your day-to-day work. Practical Law continues to provide a range of options to help you learn and develop, giving you the flexibility to adapt your CPD training to suit your professional needs.


Listen to our Practical Law podcasts as part of your ongoing development, and gain constructive insights into the topics that matter in your practice area. You can then take the accompanying quiz to test your knowledge and demonstrate your understanding.

For those using the existing CPD system, the time spent listening to the podcast can be claimed as part of your CPD requirement, with an extra half hour if you complete the quiz.

You may also claim CPD points by listening to podcasts and then having a face-to-face discussion about them. You can claim the total time of the session provided it lasts at least an hour and the podcasts listened to comprise no more than half the total session.


Improve your understanding of key issues facing corporate and commercial lawyers by reading PLC Magazine. The in-depth articles provide detailed commentary on the hot topics in your specialty. By reading PLC Magazine you can learn about the major issues in your field and enhance your learning.

If you are using the existing CPD system, you can also cite PLC Magazine reading as part of your required CPD hours.

Training Sessions

Use our training sessions to improve your understanding of our online services, speed up your research, and ultimately provide a better service to your clients. By completing training sessions either online or in person with our experienced training teams, you can gain valuable knowledge and enhance your research skills to ensure you are effectively utilising your time.

If you are using the existing CPD system, you can also cite Practical Law training as part of your required CPD hours.

Online Learning and Conferences

A new solution from Practical Law, Learn / Develop / Connect provides on-demand videos, conferences and events for your industry sector or practice area.

Legal Conferences & Events

Our events are a fantastic way to build specialist understanding in your practice area. Organised in conjunction with leading law firms, chambers and senior in-house lawyers, they provide crucial insights into the key issues that will affect your day-to-day work.

Most events can be used for CPD points if you are using the existing CPD system.

On-demand videos

Find a range of videos from industry experts and commentators available to watch on-demand, all focussed on the critical or emerging issues in your specialism or industry sector. Find out about the packages available to suit your needs.

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