Standard documents and drafting notes: Property

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Title matters

Commercial Property Standard Enquiries

Commercial Property Standard Enquiries (CPSE) (

PLC Property hosts the CPSE, which are prepared by members of the London Property Support Lawyers Group and are endorsed by the British Property Federation. The suite of documents includes guidance notes and historic versions of the individual sets of queries.

Other sets of pre-contract enquiries

The following are not part of the CPSE suite:

Epitome of title

Epitome of title ( (with integrated drafting notes)

Certificates on title

The following are links to documents produced by the City of London Law Society Land Law Sub-Committee (CLLS):

Reports on title

Declarations of trust

Lease summary

Lease report

Severing joint tenancy and advising on co-ownership

Statutory declarations to support claims for adverse possession

Statutory declaration to support an application for registration of title where the title deeds have been lost or destroyed

Power of attorney

Contracts for the sale of residential property

Contracts incorporating the Standard Conditions of Sale (Fifth Edition)

Contracts for sale incorporating the Standard Conditions of Sale (Fourth Edition)

Letters advising on aspects of conveyancing

Letter to buyer of residential property advising on financial aspects of conveyancing transactions (

Leases of commercial property

Lease of whole

Lease of floors in office block

Lease of unit on an estate

Lease of shop

Lease of car parking space

Leases by reference

FIT lease of part

Lease compliant with the Code for Leasing Business Premises in England and Wales 2007

Commercial underleases

Overriding leases

Tenancy at will

Lease clauses and green lease clauses

Lease of bare land

Telecommunications lease

Lease management

Authorised guarantee agreement

Licences to assign, underlet, alter, change use and charge

Deeds of variation

Deed of assignment

Deed of release

Deed of rectification

Service charges


Rent deposits

Rent review memorandum


Rent payment letters

Rent recovery


Notices under Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995

Options to renew

Lease summary

Lease report

Deed of covenant

Lease extension and enfranchisement

Leasehold Reform Act 1967

Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993

Tenants' rights of first refusal under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987

Business tenancies and Landlord and Tenant Act 1954

Excluding security of tenure

Terminating a protected tenancy

Agreement to surrender a protected tenancy

Landlord and tenant enforcement


Breach of covenant



Easements, covenants and third party rights


Licence to use a route

Preventing acquisition of right of way by prescription

Car parking licence

Permissive Path

Walkway agreement


Licences to occupy

Lodger agreement

Service occupancy

Hairdresser's chair rental agreement

Wayleave agreement

Corporate support

Asset purchase and share purchase

See Practical Law Property Standard clauses and drafting notes, Corporate support for standard clauses and drafting notes relevant to property for inclusion in:

  • An asset purchase agreement.

  • A share purchase agreement.

Assignment of goodwill

Bribery Act 2010

Development and construction

Development agreement

Put and call option agreement

Promotion agreement

Clauses for development and construction

To view clauses for development and construction, see Practical Law Property Standard clauses and drafting notes: Development and construction

Assignment and novation

Agreement for lease with works

Crane oversailing


Licences for access to land


Appointment of fixed charge or LPA receiver

Sale by an LPA receiver

Sale by company in administration

Sale by company in liquidation

Sale by mortgagee in possession

Contract for the sale of freehold land by a mortgagee in possession ( (with integrated drafting notes)

Contract for the sale of residential freehold property by a mortgagee ( (with integrated drafting notes)

Sale by trustee in bankruptcy

Contract for the sale of residential freehold property by a Trustee in Bankruptcy ( (with integrated drafting notes)

Rural and agricultural land

Contract for sale

Grazing licence

Grazing tenancy

Agricultural farm business tenancies

Farming partnership agreement

Agriculture and rural land standard enquiries

Agriculture and rural land standard enquiries (

Sporting rights


Planning obligations

Compulsory purchase orders and appropriation

Enforcement of breach of planning condition


Building preservation



Stopping up

Diversion order

Section 278 agreement

Section 31 Highways Act 1980

Consents and orders

Notices under Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Using Property standard documents

The standard documents are:

  • Maintained and constantly updated by the Practical Law Property Professional Support team ( Amendments are recorded in a Resource history, which can be accessed from the Actions box for the relevant document.

  • Accompanied by detailed drafting notes, which explain the key transaction, legal, negotiating and drafting issues in relation to that standard document.

    These notes are contained either:

    • in a separate document (drafting note) that can be readily accessed by clicking on the "Drafting note" link in the abstract at the top of the document; or

    • in integrated drafting notes, which are integrated into the web view of the standard documents.

    The integrated notes give brief warnings, explanations and directions and link to practice notes and other relevant drafting notes. They are designed to provide more immediate help with drafting and negotiation. The integrated drafting notes can be viewed separately or integrated with the standard document. This is done using the "Actions" box in the top right hand corner of the relevant standard document.

  • Available in Microsoft Word format.

    Select the Word tab that appears in the Actions box. You can then save a copy of the standard document to your computer. How you do this depends on your internet browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), but you will usually need to select "Save As" from the File menu. Most Word documents on the service use a sophisticated template (see How do I use the Practical Law Word template? (, which explains how to deal with automated numbering and tables of contents.)

    Practical Law has developed an application, called Firmstyle, which enables standard documents to be downloaded in a subscriber's own house style, so saving substantial time for fee-earners and secretaries. For further information, see Firmstyle (


Most standard documents are now available through PLC FastDraft. This is free to use, being included as part of a subscription to Practical Law Property. You will know if a standard document is available through FastDraft as it will be accompanied by this logo:

FastDraft allows you to produce an initial draft document quickly, that is much closer to the draft that you will send out for negotiation. This is done by answering a set of questions. Once you are happy with your draft, you can download into Microsoft Word. We think you will save drafting time. For more information, see FastDraft ( If you are already familiar with FastDraft, but want a reminder, see FastDraft help (


Practical Law Property offers a number of toolkits, which bring together materials on particular topics, including standard documents (see Property toolkits (

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