Event: EU Secondary Legislation - Comitology

Understanding the complex and opaque procedures generating 95% of EU rules

Practical Law EU would like to invite you to a free seminar about EU Secondary legislation. EU law forms the basis of domestic law in many areas, including financial services, telecommunications, data protection, transport, pharma, energy and environment. However, the rules that affect businesses and organisations the most are adopted via Secondary legislation once the legislative process is over. Businesses and advisers need to understand how EU Secondary Legislation is made in order to influence and prepare for new regulation.

About the Seminar:

  • Analysing & understanding the statistics
    • 75% of national laws find their origin at EU level
    • 95% of binding EU rules are produced via secondary legislation rather than legislation
    • 80% of EU legislation is adopted in 1st reading
  • Informal trilogues and the exponential growth of secondary legislation: the double explanation for 80% 1st reading agreements
    • Informal trilogues: what they are and how they work in a nutshell
    • Secondary legislation: a strategic tools for the EU Institution
  • The new post-Lisbon comitology system: delegated and implementing acts
    • Moving from pre-Lisbon comitology to post –Lisbon delegated & implementing acts: a gradual process
    • Today the pre-Lisbon system and the post-Lisbon system co-exist
    • Delegated acts: what type of measures, how are they adopted, the value of veto and revocation right
    • Implementing acts: the examination procedure: a maze of exceptions and derogations
  • How to integrate secondary legislation in EU strategies
    • Effective action on secondary legislation start when pieces of legislation are being drafted
    • Combine a technical and procedural approach to EU legislative & regulatory developments
    • Overcome the opacity of the system the best you can

The seminar will be delivered by Vicky Marissen, Managing Director of PACT European Affairs, an EU consultancy and training centre specialising in EU decision-making procedures, particularly comitology. Vicky and the rest of the PACT team have between them 50 years experience of working in the EU public affairs.


Tuesday 7 May 2013


  • 8.00am: Registration and coffee
  • 8.30am: Seminar begins
  • 9.30am: Seminar concludes

1 hour

Free to attend

Practical Law
19 Hatfields

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