Event: GC Leadership Forum 2014

Becoming Business Leaders

19-20 March 2014, The Langham Hotel, London

About the Forum

Dear Delegate,

You’ve spent years honing your legal expertise, but as general counsel, it’s not just your legal acumen that counts. Getting a seat at the top table can transform the success of your legal function and better enable you to drive efficiencies across the business.

Now in its 12th year, Practical Law’s Law Department Forum has a new name: one that we think better reflects the calibre of our delegates and speakers, as well as our focus on shaping the legal departments of tomorrow. So, we’re delighted to invite you to Practical Law’s GC Leadership Forum.

This year our focus is: Becoming Business Leaders. The 2014 Forum is designed for UK and European general counsel who want to become business leaders and deliver greater efficiencies across their organisation.

It’s more than just a legal event. While tackling important legal issues, the event will focus on wider economic and social forces driving business change.

More importantly it will give you a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the softer skills required to thrive, offering you practical tools and techniques on how to develop an appropriate personal brand, grow awareness of your team’s role and successes across the organisation and develop your role into a more influential position at Board level.

And with a high proportion of delegates at general counsel level, you will learn as much from discussions with your peers as you do from the speakers on the stage.

Yours faithfully,




  • ENABLE you and your team to influence people at the top table by understanding critical leadership behaviours
  • DEPLOY effective risk and compliance strategies that will deliver value to the business
  • HEAR from former general counsel about how they made the step into NED and CEO positions
  • MANAGE the increasing burden placed on in–house legal departments, including people and issues
  • DETERMINE the future of general counsel


  • Our hands-on workshops which will enable you work out the right approach for delivering your business plan


  • PAUL VAN REESCH, VP, Legal and Company Secretary, COCA-COLA ENTERPRISES.
  • KIRSTY COOPER, General Counsel, AVIVA.
  • BRUCE MACMILLAN, SVP Commercial Legal Advisor, VISA.
  • MICHAEL SHAW, Deputy General Counsel, BARCLAYS.
  • TOM KEEVIL, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, BARRATT DEVELOPMENTS.
  • IAN HASLEGRAVE, General Counsel and Company Secretary, RS COMPONENTS.
  • Agenda: 19 March 2014


    • Our hands-on workshops which will enable you work out the right approach for delivering your business plan
      Time Details
      8.30am - 9.15am

      Registration and coffee

      9.15am - 9.30am

      Welcome and introductions from the chair

      Nick Folland, Executive Director,Group CEO Office, THE CO-OPERATIVE GROUP

      9.30am - 10.10am

      Predicting and planning for the future

      • Predictions from 80s/90s on where we would be now.
      • Examining the content cycle – which areas have been commoditised, which areas of law are in the cycle, where in the cycle are we and why?
    • Understanding and determining who will be the appropriate external advisors.
    • Understanding the increased involvement of alternative business structures.
    • What are the trends for legal services using the predictors and past knowledge to look forward?
    • Chaired by Bruce MacMillan, SVP Commercial Legal Advisor,VISA

      Professor Richard Susskind OBE and Author of Tomorrow’s Lawyers

      10.10am - 11am



      • Balancing the need for independence with the need for strategic business alignment
      • Understanding the differences between legal risk and business risk. Who owns the risk?
      • Determining the roles of legal and compliance. Are they to partner or monitor the business?
      • Helping management to understand cultural and legal practice differences across different markets and their impact on risk and decision making
      • Generating revenue and mitigating costs (e.g. helping the business to understand how to source strategically or to tender more effectively)
      • Ensuring you have the right processes in place to determine either you have been successful
      • Alison Yapp, General Counsel and Company Secretary, AMEC

        Peter Maher, Partner, DELOITTE

        Simon Walters, General Counsel, CARNIVAL UK

        James Birch, General Counsel, TRAVELEX

        Jane Walshe, Barrister, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Senior Regulatory Intelligence Expert, Thomson Reuters

      11.00am - 11.30am


      11.30am - 1.00 pm


      These 2 smaller interactive break-out sessions will provide you with a unique opportunity to discuss and work through how you shape and implement your business plan and operational delivery.

      Bring members of your team on specific legal issues.

      • How do you get your plans embedded into the business and ensure that you are prepared for future change?
      • Understanding the growing influence of regulation and risks over business needs and its effect on the development of the legal function.
      • Determining what needs to go into a business plan and setting and working to budget
      • Looking at risks, resources and external influences
      • What is the role of systems and processes in delivering your plan?
      • Effective strategies to ensure that you manage law business budgetary pressures
      • Joel Hanson, General Counsel and Company Secretary, THAMES WATER

        Adrian Thurston, Legal Director, STARBUCKS

        Kevin Athow, Company Secretary, Head of Legal Affairs and Regional Compliance Officer, BSH HOME APPLIANCES

      1.00pm - 1.45pm


      1.45pm - 2.45pm



      • Assessing levels of competencies and remaining gaps.
      • Defining attributes to become a successful leader.
      • What is the difference between an effective manager and an effective leader?
      • What non legal skills are necessary for lawyers to progress internally?
      • Is the skill needed to lead 10 people the same as the skill needed to lead 100 people?
      • Michael Shaw, Deputy General Counsel, BARCLAYS

        Maria Da Cunha, Director for People, Legal and Government Affairs, BRITISH AIRWAYS

        Keith Krasny, Executive and Business Coach, Coaching for Lawyers

        Richard Nugent, Managing Director, Twenty One Leadership

      2.45pm - 3.20pm


      The team ethos and self-awareness are often more important than trying to portray a brand image, which can be counterproductive when used in the wrong way.

      • How do you define a personal brand and test it in the context of your role, your team, your company and its business context?
      • How do you leverage your personal brand to benefit you and your team?
      • Suzanne Wise, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, NETWORK RAIL

      3.20pm - 3.50pm


      3.50pm - 4.40pm



      • How as a general counsel do you define your department?
      • Demonstrating how general counsel adds value across the business.
      • What data and metrics are used to measure performance across the team?
      • Where do we see the role of general counsel going over the next 2 years?
      • Examining whether the roles of general counsel become more specialised or generalists as markets become ever more regulated.
      • Are you forced into a compliance role rather than an advisory role depending on whether you work in a regulated or non regulated industry?
      • Identifying and dealing with increasing levels of personal criminal and civil levels of exposure.
      • Jane MacLeod, General Counsel, THE PHOENIX GROUP

        Paul Van Reesch, VP, Legal and Company Secretary, COCA-COLA ENTERPRISES

        Manu Kanwar, General Counsel, POWA TECHNOLOGIES

        Kirsty Cooper, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, AVIVA

      4.40pm - 5.30pm


      This session will give you the opportunity to hear from a former general counsel and their transition from a general counsel to CEO. You will get to understand how and why it happened.

      You will also gain a clearer understanding as to what is hindering lawyers from getting to the top roles and what can be done to move them in the right direction.

      • At what point in time should general counsel address the possibility of moving to a board level position?
      • Are lawyers the next CEOs or the next COOs?
      • What can be done to change the future role of general counsel?

        Steve Williams, Senior Independant Director, WHITBREAD

      5.30pm - 5.40pm




      As the economic crisis starts to soften, this after dinner-speech will focus on whether th UK or other EU countries can reduce levels of commitment to ongoing EU integration.

      Liam Halligan, Economics Commentator, Telegraph Media Group

      This programme is subject to change.

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      E-MAIL: Richard.Cooper@thomsonreuters.com


  • PAUL VAN REESCH, VP, Legal and Company Secretary, COCA-COLA ENTERPRISES.
  • KIRSTY COOPER, General Counsel, AVIVA.
  • BRUCE MACMILLAN, SVP Commercial Legal Advisor, VISA.
  • MANU KANWAR, General Counsel, Powa Technologies
  • MICHAEL SHAW, Deputy General Counsel, BARCLAYS.
  • TOM KEEVIL, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, BARRATT DEVELOPMENTS.
  • IAN HASLEGRAVE, General Counsel and Company Secretary, RS COMPONENTS.
  • Agenda: 20 March 2014

    Time Details
    8.50am 9.20am


    9.20am - 9.30am

    Recap from previous day

    9.30am - 10.20am



    • Effectively organising your department’s structure and reporting mechanisms across regions.
    • What systems are used to link departments together?
    • Ensuring you have the right balance of skills and influence across a multi-level, multi-disciplined global organisation.
    • Securing buy-in from the team.
    • Aligning team goals and the way forward with company objectives.
    • Balancing the needs of your legal team regardless of legal or non legal background.
    • Demonstrating how you add value to the business management team.
    • Jonathon Grech, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, MILLENIUM & COPTHORNE HOTELS

      Robert Cummins , Assistant General Counsel, INTELSAT

    10.20am - 10.50am


    10.50am - 11.50am


    • The practicalities of getting started in a new market. Where to start, who to talk to, what to avoid.
    • Ensuring the new team is surrounded by the right partners and has access to the right technical expertise
    • Finding local talent or relocating existing staff for your team
    • Establishing procedures and controls to maintain a consistent culture in a company and new market
    • Cultural and behavioural expectations
    • Where does the role of the general counsel’s responsibilities start and finish?
    • Adam Ramsay, General Counsel, EDWARDS GROUP LIMITED

      Liam Richardson, Associate Director Legal, PURE SEARCH

    11.50am - 12.40pm


    • Examining the need for a new approach for external counsel resource.
    • What environmental factors are impacting the future of the in house team? The development of in sourcing.
    • Outsourcing versus in-sourcing versus in-house.
    • Delivering value from your external counsel.
    • Balancing the needs and managing the relationship between Private Practice and in-house counsel.
    • What are the expectations of the lawyers of the future?
    • Helen Bradley, Partner, BAKER & MCKENZIE

      Karen Clayton, UK General Counsel & Company Secretary, NATIONAL GRID

      Karen Lawrie, Vice President Legal-Corporate, Subsea7
      Sara Biro, Former Senior European Counsel, Fitch Ratings

    12.40pm- 12.50pm


    This programme is subject to change.

    VISIT: www.practicallaw.com/resources/events
    CALL: Richard Cooper +44 (0)20 34236396
    E-MAIL: Richard.Cooper@thomsonreuters.com


    Nick Folland

    Nick Folland

    Executive Director, Group CEO’s Office, THE COOPERATIVE GROUP

    Nick joined The Co-operative Group in May 2013 as Group Director – External Affairs, to develop and sustain the external relationships vital to the Group’s future success. His remit was expanded in June as he was also appointed as Executive Director, Group CEO’s Office. Nick joined The Co-op from Kingfisher plc, a FTSE100 international retailer, where he was a member of the Retail Board and held a number of executive positions over the period 2007-13. Latterly he was the Group Corporate Affairs Director, leading the team that developed and launched the market leading sustainability programme, 'Net Positive'. He was also responsible for the Group’s Government Affairs and Regulatory programme. From 2007-2012 Nick was Company Secretary to the plc Board, Group Legal & Corporate Responsibility Director, and B&Q's Legal Director from 2009-2011. Prior to joining Kingfisher, Nick was a member of the Group Executive, Company Secretary and Group Legal Director of Emap plc, a FTSE100 media conglomerate.

    Kirsty Cooper

    Kirsty Cooper

    Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, AVIVA

    Kirsty Cooper heads the Office of the Chairman at Aviva and is the Group General Counsel, Company Secretary and a member of the Executive Committee. Kirsty leads the Legal and Secretarial function for Aviva globally and is also responsible for running the Office of Chairman, ensuring that the post-holder has all the support and assistance required.

    Since her appointment as General Counsel and Company Secretary Kirsty has created Aviva’s first global legal leadership team and commenced a series of initiatives to ensure that Aviva has a strong and effective global legal function.

    Kirsty graduated in Law from the University of Glasgow in 1987.

    Paul Van Reesch

    Paul Van Reesch

    VP, Legal and Company Secretary, COCA COLA ENTERPRISES

    Paul van Reesch leads the Legal Team in delivering the Legal Business Plan, the focus of which is a strategic partnership with the business to drive consistent long-term profitable growth. Passionate about leadership and the mantras of management guru Tom Peters, Paul works hard with the team to drive excellence and to ensure that personal growth and development are core to the success of the team.

    A dual qualified Australian/English lawyer, Paul joined Coca-Cola Enterprises in 2004 after working for several years in private practice in Australia. Since joining Coca-Cola Enterprises he has worked in a number of legal roles across the business in Europe, providing him with extensive operational experience of a global FMCG business.

    Robert Cummins

    Robert Cummins

    Assistant General Counsel, INTELSAT

    Robert Cummins is Assistant General Counsel at Intelsat, a market-leading satellite communications company with many customers in emerging markets. He previously held the role of Head of Business and Legal Affairs (Emerging Markets) at MTV Networks, part of Viacom. Robert studied at Cambridge, trained at Simmons & Simmons, and speaks several foreign languages.

    Michael Shaw

    Michael Shaw

    Deputy General Counsel, BARCLAYS

    Michael Shaw joined Barclays in 2009 as Deputy Group General Counsel.

    Prior to joining Barclays, Michael spent over 20 years as a corporate lawyer in private practice, initially at Clifford Chance and then from 1992 at Herbert Smith specialising in M&A and capital markets. From 1996 he spent two years on secondment as Joint Secretary to The Panel on Takeovers and Mergers.

    Michael's clients comprised a range of investment banks and major corporates, and his final transactions while in private practice included the takeover of British Energy by EDF and the associated nuclear power joint venture with Centrica, and the subsequent disposal by EDF of its UK distribution networks.

    While at Herbert Smith, Michael held a number of positions of responsibility, including managing part of the London Corporate practice and serving on several management committees.

    While in his current role at Barclays, he has also served as the Retail Banking General Counsel on an interim basis and is a member of the Legal Executive Committee, which oversees the Barclays Legal Function, and currently chairs a number of other committees including the Function's Operating Committee.

    Keith Krasney

    Keith Krasny

    Executive and Business Coach – Coaching for Lawyers

    Keith is the former European General Counsel of Expedia Inc. Prior to joining Expedia, he practiced in the Technology Transfer Group at Morrison & Foerster and in the US and UK Corporate teams at Weil Gotshal and Manges. As a business coach, Keith works with senior lawyers and their teams, both in-house and in private practice, helping to improve performance and career satisfaction. Keith is a qualified English solicitor and a member of the New York Bar. He coaches in both French and English.

    Peter Maher

    Peter Maher

    Partner, Forensic Services, DELOITTE

    Peter Maher specializes in consulting and investigation services related to the issue of corruption. As well as performing regulatory driven investigations he has performed corruption due diligence assignments and advised companies with respect to their anti-corruption policies, procedures and controls. Peter has been responsible for the conduct of investigations covering Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. His industry experience includes pharmaceutical and life sciences, oil and gas, steel, engineering, technology and advertising. He has made presentations of his findings on behalf of clients to a number of regulators and prosecutors including the Department of Justice and the SEC in the US and the FSA in the UK. He has testified in deposition, in arbitration and given testimony to the SEC. He has worked in the field of forensic accounting for more than fifteen years in both New York and London. Peter is a UK Chartered Accountant, a US CPA as well as a Certified Fraud Examiner.

    Bruce Macmillan

    Bruce Macmillan

    SVP Commercial Legal Advisor, VISA

    Bruce Macmillan is General Counsel to the Legal Services Board – the new oversight regulator for the English and Welsh legal profession. Prior to joining the Legal Services Board, Bruce was Dell EMEA Senior Counsel for the Consumer, Retail and business distribution divisions. Prior to Dell Bruce was UK Head of Legal for telecoms groups Tele2, and Alpha Telecom and was in house counsel at ONdigital/ITV Digital and Cable & Wireless. Bruce started his legal career at Gouldens (now Jones Day) and also worked for SJ Berwin before moving in house. Bruce has been an active member of legal trade associations including the Commerce & Industry Group (where he was chair of the Corporate Governance Committee) and the Cisco IT lawyers' forum.

    Helen Bradley

    Helen Bradley

    Partner, BAKER & MCKENZIE

    Helen Bradley is a corporate partner in Baker & McKenzie and a member of the London office Management Committee. She advises on all aspects of corporate finance work, general corporate advisory and UK equity capital markets. Helen was seconded to The Panel on Takeovers and Mergers in May 2000 and is listed in The Lawyer's Hot 100 for 2007.

    Kevin Athow

    Kevin Athow

    Company Secretary, Head of Legal Affairs and Regional Compliance, BSH HOME APPLIANCES LTD

    Kevin Athow is Head of Legal Affairs and Regional Compliance Officer at BSH Home Appliances Ltd, the UK subsidiary of BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate GmbH, skilled and experienced Kevin started working for the company in April 2010. He became Company Secretary in June 2013.

    Kevin graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 1998 with a LL.B.(Hons), having combined full-time employment with Siemens Communications, then based in Luton, as a Commercial Officer and latterly a Business Analyst and auditor/assessor or Quality Management Systems with his studies.

    Kevin now works within BSH helping the business to achieve outstanding results whilst highlighting and helping to minimise risk to the company, and advocates a pragmatic and logical approach to his work. Kevin is heavily involved in regulatory matters, including eco-design/energy labelling and product liability/product recall – increasingly with a pan-EU focus.

    Alison Yapp

    Alison Yapp

    General Counsel and Company Secretary, AMEC

    Alison joined AMEC in December 2012. She is a solicitor and has more than 20 years’ experience as a lawyer in industry.

    Alison began her career in private practice at Turner Kenneth Brown, advising corporate and commercial clients in M&A before moving in-house. She has wide ranging experience within a number of international groups in the engineering, industrial, support services natural resources sectors. Prior to joining AMEC, she was the Company Secretary and General Legal Counsel of Hays plc, Company Secretary and Group Legal Adviser of Charter plc and prior to that held senior legal and company secretarial positions in Johnson Matthey plc and Cookson Matthey Ceramics plc.

    Jane MacLeod

    Jane MacLeod

    General Counsel, THE PHOENIX GROUP

    Jane MacLeod was appointed as General Counsel of the Phoenix Group in October 2009, is a member of the Group’s Executive Committee and leads the Phoenix Group’s legal and company secretarial functions. In the period since Jane became General Counsel, the Phoenix Group has seen significant changes in its leadership team, a more challenging regulatory framework, and a continuing focus on streamlining the business. Jane joined the Phoenix group in 2006 having previous in-house experience with AMP Limited and Henderson Global Investors.

    Simon Walters

    Simon Walters

    General Counsel, CARNIVAL UK

    Simon Walters is General Counsel of Carnival UK, part of Carnival Corporation & plc, the FTSE 100/S&P 500 listed world leader in the cruise industry and his role involves global legal responsibility for the operations of the P&O Cruises and Cunard Line brands. In addition, he chairs both the Ethics Committee and the Risk Committee at Carnival UK.

    Simon is a graduate of Exeter University and spent the early years of his career in progressively more senior roles in the Pharmaceutical and Information Technology industries, before joining Carnival UK in 2006 as its first General Counsel.

    Adam Ramsay

    Adam Ramsay

    Legal Director, EDWARDS GROUP

    Adam Ramsay joined Edwards in February 2008 and is currently the Legal Director of Edwards Group. He is responsible for all legal matters, the Company Secretarial, IP and Trade Compliance functions.

    Adam was appointed to the Legal Director role in December 2009. Prior to joining Edwards, he was Group Solicitor at MITIE Group PLC and specialised in M&A activity and MITIE’s management equity scheme. During his career, Adam’s main practice areas have been general corporate activity, corporate finance, M&A, general commercial and employment law. His other in-house legal positions were with BG Group Plc, Babcock International Group Plc and Siemens Plc. Adam holds a LLB (Hons) degree from University College London, and qualified as a solicitor in 1995.

    Helen Mahy

    Helen Mahy


    Helen was Company Secretary and General Counsel of National Grid plc for 10 years, retiring in early 2013. She is now Chair of the Renewables Infrastructure Group Ltd, a Guernsey company which is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange. She is also a Non Executive Director of Stagecoach Group plc and Chair of its Health, Safety and Environment Committee. She sits on the Boards of Bonheur ASA and Ganger Rolf ASA, Norwegian publicly quoted companies which own the Fred. Olsen listed businesses. She is also chair of Obelisk Legal Support Solutions Ltd and a past chair of the GC100 group. She was formerly a Non Executive Director of Aga Rangemaster Group plc, an advisory board member of Opportunity Now and a member of the General Management Committee of the Bar Council. Helen qualified as a barrister and was an associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute; she is an accredited performance coach, a published children's author and has almost finished writing a rather racy novel.

    Jonathan Grech

    Jonathon Grech

    Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, Mellennium & Copthorne Hotels

    Jonathon Grech is the Group General Counsel and Company Secretary for Millennium and Copthorne Hotels, a FTSE 250-listed hotel company that operates in approximately 20 countries, where he manages a global team with members on four continents. Jon joined M&C in May 2013 after nearly seven years at InterContinental Hotels Group, where he last acted as IHG’s Senior Development Counsel, Europe. Prior to entering the practice of law, Jon was a consultant in the tax practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers and graduated with a degree in economics and organisational studies from the University of Michigan.

    Jon is qualified as a lawyer in the States of Georgia and Illinois and as a solicitor in England and Wales. He has diversified experience in property development, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory law and all areas of hospitality related law.

    Karen Clayton

    Karen Clayton

    UK General Counsel and Company Secretary, NATIONAL GRID

    Karen qualified in September 1999 as a commercial litigator and after working at leading City and Australian firms joined National Grid in December 2003. Karen was appointed as National Grid's UK General Counsel and Company Secretary in September 1999 and is responsible for National Grid's UK Legal function which provided a full legal service to all National Grid's UK businesses as well as its Global Information Records Management and UK Licence Management teams. Karen is also Company Secretary of National Grid's 2 main UK operating companies - National Grid Gas plc and National Grid Electricity Transmission plc.

    Liam Richardson

    Liam Richardson

    Associate Director, Legal, PURE SEARCH

    Liam heads the APAC Financial Services and in-house Legal team from Pure’s Hong Kong office, specialising in the placement of lawyers from mid-level to APAC General Counsel into a range of high-profile Financial Services institutions. Having been based in Hong Kong since 2006, he has developed an extensive network of clients in Asia and has successfully completed assignments in a number of major Asian cities. With a background in Law, Liam began his career in recruitment at a global legal recruitment firm in London in 2004.

    Maria Da Cunha

    Maria Da Cunha

    Director For People, Legal and Government Affairs, BRITISH AIRWAYS

    Maria spent her formative years in Lisbon and Madrid. She studied law atthe London School of Economics and Université de Strasbourg and obtained apostgraduate degree in European Law at the College of Europe in Bruges,where she got her first job, lecturing in EU law. After practisingat City firm Lovells and in the in-house department of Lloyd's of London,she joined British Airways in January 2000 as the airline's firstcompetition law specialist. In 2003 she was appointed Head of Legal and in2006 she added the leadership of the Government and Industry Affairsdepartment to her role. Maria was appointed General Counsel of BA in 2009and took on her current role as Director for People, Legal and GovernmentAffairs in 2011.

    Sussane Wise

    Suzanne Wise

    Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, NETWORK RAIL

    Suzanne is Group General Counsel and Company Secretary at Network Rail, having joined in January 2012. She is responsible for leadership of the in house legal team of 30 lawyers, the Company Secretarial team and Transparency and Business Ethics teams. She sits on the Group Executive Committee and chairs the Risk Review Group.

    Prior to joining Network Rail Suzanne was General Counsel and Company Secretary at Premier Foods Plc for 4 years. At the time Premier was the UK's leading food producer and manufacturer of some of the nation’s favourite foods including Hovis, Mr Kipling, Sharwoods, Brantson, Bisto and OXO. Suzanne was responsible for the Group's Legal, Company Secretarial and Trade Mark functions and also sat on the Group Executive Committee. In addition to her Legal and Company Secretarial role Suzanne also had responsibility for the Internal Communications team and Group Internal Audit function.

    Prior to Premier Foods Suzanne was Group Head of Legal at Gallaher Group Plc, the world’s fifth largest tobacco company and was responsible for the Group’s legal and trade-mark functions of c30 lawyers who were based across eight countries.

    In her early her career, Suzanne worked in private practice, undertaking her training contract at Lewis Silken followed by two years at Crossman Block & Keith (now Crossman Block) as an IP specialist, focusing mainly on trade marks.

    Joel Hansel

    Joel Hanson

    General Counsel and Company Secretary, Thames Water

    Joel is an English-qualified lawyer and was appointed General Counsel & Company Secretary of Thames Water (the UK’s largest water utility) in July 2007.

    Having trained and qualified at City law firm, Herbert Smith, Joel left private practice to become General Counsel of the telecoms businesses of the Lattice Group (which then became part of National Grid). After leaving National Grid, Joel worked in a number of project roles for major UK clients before joining Thames Water.

    A corporate specialist, Joel has significant international M&A and capital markets experience. In addition to regulated businesses, he has worked extensively in the IT and telecoms sector.

    James Birch

    James Birch

    General Counsel, TRAVELEX

    James Birch is General Counsel of Travelex, where he has worked since 2002. James sits on the Travelex Executive Committee, and is also an attendee at board and board committee meetings. He has a wide variety of responsibilities ranging from responsibility for Travelex’s corporate transactions to the company secretarial department. Prior to Travelex, James was SVP Business Affairs and General Counsel for a division of Warner Bros, and prior to that, he worked at Rio Tinto. James spent the first 5 years of his career at Freshfields.

    James has a degree in Economics from the University of Manchester, following which he studied at Chancery Lane Law School in London. He qualified as a solicitor in 1990.

    Steve Williams

    Steve Williams

    Senior Independant Director, WHITBREAD

    A graduate of King’s College, London, Steve joined Slaughter & May in 1970 where he qualified and was admitted as a solicitor, and a member of the Law Society in April 1972.

    Steve practiced in the tax and corporate departments, and in 1975 he joined the legal department of Imperial Chemical industries Plc. In 1984, he was appointed one of ICI’s two assistant company secretary’s. In 1985 he was appointed Joint Secretary and General Counsel of Unilever in 1986, holding this office for 25 years. At Unilever, he was responsible for all legal, intellectual property and secretarial departments in the Head Offices in London and Rotterdam and was also responsible for Unilever legal services worldwide.

    From 1995 until 2004 he was a non-executive director of Bunzl Plc. From 2005 until 2010, he served on the board of Arriva Plc where he was senior independent director. In 2008, he joined the board of Whitbread Plc as a non-executive director, where he is also senior independent director. In 2010, Steve joined the board of Croda International Plc as a non-executive director where he will be chairing the Remuneration Committee. In 2011 he was appointed a non-executive director of Eversheds LLP, the international law firm. In the same year he was appointed to the board of Moorfields NHS Trust.

    Steve is chairman of the De La Warr Pavilion Charitable Trust, a contempory arts centre in Sussex. He is also a board member of The Leverhulme Trust, the second largest research grant fund in the UK. He is a senior advisor to Spencer Stuart in London.

    Jane Walshe

    Jane Walshe

    Senior Regulatory Intelligence Expert, Thomson Reuters

    Jane Walshe is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment, and a barrister with extensive experience of international and domestic regulatory affairs. Jane has worked as a lawyer in the FSA's Enforcement Division where she worked on changes to the Approved Persons Regime, and on the transposition of MiFID amongst other things. Jane is currently a Senior Regulatory Intelligence Expert at Thomson Reuters and writes guidance on all aspects of the Financial Services regulatory regime, as well as conducting Webinars and appearing on the Reuters Television Channel.

    Liam Halligan

    Liam Halligan

    Economics Commentator, Telegraph Media Group

    Liam Halligan is an economist, writer and broadcaster - and also has extensive business experience. He is best known for his weekly Economics Agenda column in The Sunday Telegraph, which enjoys a large following and has been recognized with a British Press Award. Between 2007 and 2013, Liam was Chief Economist at Prosperity Capital, an asset-management company focused on emerging markets. He has also worked for The Financial Times, Channel 4 News and The Economist and remains a regular economic commentator on BBC, CNN, CNBC, Sky and other outlets.

    Liam was educated at Warwick and Oxford Universities and is a citizen of both the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

    Richard Susskind

    Richard Susskind OBE

    Author, speaker, and independent adviser

    Professor Richard Susskind OBE advises law firms and in-house legal departments around the world. His main area of expertise is the future of legal services. His books include The End of Lawyers? (2008), and Tomorrow’s Lawyers (2013), and he has written around 150 columns for The Times. He is President of the Society for Computers and Law and IT Adviser to the Lord Chief Justice.

    Karen Lawrie

    Karen Lawrie

    Karen Lawrie, Vice President Legal-Corporate, Subsea7

    Karen Lawrie is VP Corporate Legal for Subsea 7 an international offshore oil & gas company. Karen is responsible for all corporate activities including M&A, Anti-trust/Competition, Treasury, international joint ventures and the corporate governance framework for the 100+ Group companies. With a core corporate team, the Group's 50 member legal team world-wide also report to Karen for all corporate matters.

    Previously Karen was Head of Legal for EDF Energy for all generating assets with a team of 20+ lawyers.

    Karen also spent 15 years in in senior legal positions in investment banking leading large in-house teams.


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    Date: 19-20 MARCH 2014

    Location: The Langham Hotel London

    1c Portland Pl, London W1B 1JA, United Kingdom

    Tel: +44 20 7636 1000

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    Deloitte LLP offers professional services to the UK and European market. With over 14,000 exceptional people in 29 offices in the UK and Switzerland, Deloitte has the broadest and deepest range of skills of any business advisory organisation. We provide professional services and advice to many leading businesses, government departments and public sector bodies, and publish many influential studies and thought leadership pieces

    Deloitte LLP is the UK member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited ("DTTL"), a UK private company limited by guarantee whose member firms are legally separate and independent entities located in more than 150 countries and 48 member firms, and approximately 182,000 staff.

    Baker & McKenzie

    Baker & McKenzie

    Baker & McKenzie defined the global law firm in the 20th century, and we are redefining it to meet the challenges of the global economy in the 21st. We bring to matters the instinctively global perspective and deep market knowledge and insights of more than 4,000 locally admitted lawyers in 72 offices worldwide. We have a distinctive global way of thinking, working and behaving – "fluency" – across borders, issues and practices. We understand the challenges of the global economy because we have been at the forefront of its evolution. Since 1949, we have advised leading corporations on the issues of today’s integrated world market. We have cultivated the culture, commercial pragmatism and technical and interpersonal skills required to deliver a world-class service tailored to the preferences of world-class clients worldwide.



    Pure's Legal division operates from our London, Hong Kong and Singapore offices, providing full-service recruitment solutions for both In-house and Private Practice requirements.

    Our coverage extends throughout the UK, EMEA and Asia Pac regions, sourcing permanent and interim requirements at all levels from Newly Qualified through to General Counsel, across a broad range of sectors.

    The vast majority of our legal consultants are qualified lawyers and all are experienced recruiters. The combination of their expertise and our international reach ensures that we can provide a bespoke solution for every requirement, which is reflected in our exceptional rate of assignment success.



    Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) business unit provides comprehensive solutions that connect our customers' business to the ever-changing regulatory environment. GRC serves audit, compliance, finance, legal, and risk professionals in financial services, law firms, insurance, and other industries impacted by regulatory change.

    The Accelus suite of products provides powerful tools and information that enable proactive insights, dynamic connections, and informed choices that drive overall business performance. Accelus is the combination of the market-leading solutions provided by the heritage businesses of Complinet, IntegraScreen, Northland Solutions, Oden®, Paisley®, West's Capitol Watch®, Westlaw® Business, Westlaw Compliance Advisor® and World-Check®.

    We offer a range of highly-tailored networking, research and branding opportunities at our events. Don’t miss the opportunity to develop your brand and expand your business network through our bespoke packages.

    For more information on the opportunities and the benefits they can bring to your business, please contact Kayta Kravtsova on: +44 (0) 20 7202 1200 or email Kayta.Kravtsova@practicallaw.com.

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