Event: 2nd Annual Knowledge Management Forum

A focus on technology, enhancing client value and maximising your efficiency

About the Forum

24 April 2013

Pressure on fees, technological advances and a push for innovation has presented new challenges for KM services to deliver what clients really need. With greater financial pressure to deliver better results with your existing resources, it is more important than ever to streamline your operations and discover new ways to stay competitive.

Hear directly from in-house clients at Practical Law’s 2nd Annual Knowledge Management Forum. With a focus on technology, enhancing client value and maximising efficiency, this Forum will give you the practical tools and techniques you need to re-think your strategy, get management buy-in and deliver a winning pitch.

Currently our speakers include:

  • Katharine Ward, Legal Knowledge Manager, Vodafone.
  • Geraldine Mirabile, Senior Legal Advisor, Visa Europe.
  • Deborah Maguire, Senior Counsel, Head of Knowledge Management, BT Global Services.
  • Helen Barker, PSL, BAE Systems.
  • Mark Collins, Expertise Enablement Officer, Zurich Insurance.
  • Paul Byfield, Legal Knowledge Manager, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
  • Andrew Dey, Director, Technology Strategy, Barclays.
  • David Kemp, Executive Director of Legal Policy, Autonomy.
  • Ruth Ward, Head of Central Knowledge Management, Allen & Overy LLP.
  • Karen Birch, PSL Counsel at Allen & Overy LLP.
  • Stephen Godsell, Senior Legal Counsel, The Economist Group.
  • Laurent Van Cutsem, Director Legal & Contracts​, Besix Group.
  • Carol Aldridge, Head of Knowledge Management and Information Services, Burges Salmon LLP.
  • Helena Nimmo, CIO Knowledge Management, Practical Law Company.
  • Jonathan Weeks, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs EMEA, Intel Corporation.
  • Helena Hallgarn, Co-Founder, Virtual Intelligence

Key topics include:

  • Tools and tips for what a winning KM pitch should look and sound like: a client’s perspective.
  • How to get buy-in from senior management.
  • New ways to deliver and store content: Big Data and the Cloud.
  • Global challenges for clients across offices.
  • Value added services and the "implementation gap".
  • Focus on cutting cost, ROI measurement and effective KPI use.
  • Sharepoint integration on a global basis.
  • Efficient delivery of legal services.
  • Maximise resources within in-house legal teams.
  • What the future of KM will look like in 2020.
  • Unlocking PSL potential.

A focus on technology, enhancing client value and maximising your efficiency

24 April 2013


Time Details
9.30am - 9.40am

Welcome and introductions

9.40am - 10.00am

Knowledge Management (KM) in 2020: what the future of legal services will look like

  • Achieving more effective client collaboration in a new technological age.
  • Enhancing how lawyers can deliver what clients want, with smaller budgets.
  • How do you get buy-in from senior management?

Carol Aldridge, Head of Knowledge Management & Information Services, Burges Salmon

Theme 1: Technology
10.00am - 10.30am

Managing media channels to deliver content: capture knowledge, absorb and distribute

  • The power of social media in KM development: hype or reality?
    • All talk and no action: a critical approach, including security issues.
    • What works and what doesn’t.
  • Mobile access to information in a user-friendly way.
  • Generational shift: challenging established views.

Andrew Dey, Director, Technology Strategy, Barclays Group Legal
David Kemp, Executive Director of Legal Policy, Autonomy

10.30am - 11.10am

Interactive Sessions: new ways to deliver and store data

SESSION A: Mining through "big data"

  • The next generation of search.
  • How to select and discard data: best practice strategies.
  • Pricing issues.
  • Compliance issues, including implications of the new Data Protection Regulations.

SESSION B: Potential in the Cloud

  • An introduction to cloud computing - definitions and differences.
  • Key challenges: confidentiality and security.
  • Which cloud to use?
  • The value in the cloud.

Mark Collins, Expertise Enablement Officer, Zurich Insurance

11.10am - 11.30am

Coffee break

Theme 2: Enhancing client value
11.30am - 12.10pm

Law firm and client success stories: a closer look

  • Examples from the coal face: what clients want and how law firms have delivered
    • How law firm KM functions resolve client problems.
    • Practical examples of bespoke KM training and tools.
  • Tools and tips for creating a winning KM pitch: a client’s perspective.
  • Value added services and the "implementation gap": what is missing and how law firms can help with client resources.
  • More on business development and client initiatives working with KM.

Katharine Ward, Legal Knowledge Manager at Vodafone


What do clients really need? Understanding client’s industries: initiatives, global challenges and delivery

  • How KM works internally from a client’s perspective
    • Client initiatives.
    • How to use tools effectively: delivering on law firm promises.
  • Global challenges for clients across offices
    • Logistical challenges: co-ordinating training at a local level.
    • Cultural differences in servicing clients with mixed levels of resources.

Geraldine Mirabile, Senior Legal Advisor, Visa Europe
Helen Barker, PSL, BAE Systems

12.50pm - 1.50pm


Theme 3: Maximising efficiency
1.50pm - 2.35pm

Interactive Sessions

SESSION A: Using portals and search to surface and share legal knowledge

  • Why might you use portals and how easy are they to set up and manage?
  • Is the client perspective the same as the lawyer perspective?
  • Technology options: heavy internal integration or separate systems?
  • Enhancing the experience: how can search be positioned to best effect?
  • What works and what does not work? Best practice from across the legal sector.
  • ROI on the service.

Ruth Ward, Head of Central Knowledge Management, Allen & Overy

SESSION B: Efficient delivery of legal services: what in-house counsel can learn from their law firm's KM teams

  • Mapping legal processes and making them more efficient.
  • Standardising legal documents.
  • Maintaining effective knowledge bases.
  • Delivering training to internal clients.
  • Intelligent prioritisation of work.
  • Legal risk management techniques.
  • Pooling teams and resources to produce sector-specific initiatives for clients.
  • Identifying techniques to project manage cross-departmental KM.

Stephen Godsell, Senior Legal Counsel, The Economist Group
Helena Hallgarn, Co-Founder, Virtual Intelligence

SESSION C: Maintaining knowledge infrastructure: perspectives from clients and multiple service providers

  • Successful examples of working with service providers to produce slim line KM systems.
  • Practical Law’s perspective: maximising search engine capabilities and increasing accessibility of information.
  • Client perspective: availability of information resources and global accessibility.
  • Successfully coordinating internal and external information for the end users.

Carol Aldridge, Head of Knowledge Management & Information Services, Burges Salmon
Helena Nimmo, CIO Knowledge Management, Practical Law Company

2.35pm - 2.50pm

Coffee Break

2.50pm - 3.35pm

Interactive sessions

SESSION A: A focus on cutting cost: ROI measurement and using key performance indicators (KPIs) effectively

  • How are law firms maintaining a high level service with cost pressures?
  • Measuring your ROI objectively: key indicators.
  • Best practice strategies on measuring KPIs, from an ROI perspective.
  • Picking the right KPIs and how they are used in law firms.
  • Assessing the commercial value of KM functions.

SESSION B: How to optimise resources within in-house teams

  • Identifying resources.
  • Delivering the right mix of off-shore, in-house and external firm resources.
  • Enhance 3rd party tools with minimum time and investment.

Deborah Maguire, Senior Counsel, Head of Knowledge Management, BT Global Services
Paul Byfield, Legal Knowledge Manager, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

SESSION C: PSLs: unlocking the potential

  • Incorporating business development functions into PSLs’ functions: should there be more client-facing activity?
  • PSLs transforming into sector, not just practice area specialists.

Karen Birch, PSL Counsel, Allen & Overy

3.35pm - 3.50pm Coffee Break
3.50pm - 4.30pm

Re-branding KM internally: a new direction

  • KM managers and PSLs: identifying and overcoming barriers.
  • Creating effective collaboration in teams and bridging culture gaps between senior and junior lawyers.
  • Successfully engaging your colleagues in managing cultural change and sharing knowledge globally.
  • Effective ways to communicate the value of KM functions in your firm.
  • Appropriate and effective training to ensure all lawyers are up to date on key areas of law.

Laurent Van Cutsem, Director Legal & Contracts, Besix Group
Jonathan Weeks, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs EMEA, Intel Corporation

4.30pm Closing comments followed by a drinks reception

A focus on technology, enhancing client value and maximising your efficiency

24 April 2013


Katharine Ward

Katharine Ward

Legal Knowledge Manager, Vodafone

Katharine Ward is Legal Knowledge Manager for Vodafone's global legal function. Katharine is responsible for ensuring Vodafone's global team of 400 lawyers and support staff have access to the core information and tools they need, in order to provide a world class legal service.

Katharine has 13 years experience and has held a range of information management roles with law firms, accounting firms, in-house legal teams and law schools in both her native Australia and the UK. Katharine has a Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Business (Information Management) and outside of work, spends most of her time chasing after her triplet sons: aged 4.

Deborah Maguire

Deborah Maguire

Senior Counsel, Head of Knowledge Management, BT Global Services

Deborah Maguire is Head of Knowledge Management, BT Group, Legal Governance & Compliance. She has knowledge and training responsibility for a legal headcount of more than 500 people spread across 35 countries. Deborah has 20 years' experience as a solicitor and is admitted in both England & Wales and in Ireland. She has worked in various senior legal roles in BT Group, prior to which she practised in the EU, Competition & Regulatory grouping at A&L Goodbody.

Helen Barker

Helen Barker

PSL, BAE Systems

Helen Barker leads the Knowledge Management and Training Team within the legal department at BAE Systems which has over 150 lawyers based in six different jurisdictions. She is responsible for maintaining and developing the content of the legal team’s intranet, the Lawyers’ Virtual Information System (LVIS); delivering standard form documents and know-how; delivering an internal CPD accredited legal training programme to English qualified lawyers; as well as the distribution of legal knowledge to the Commercial and Procurement functions at BAE Systems.

Helen has over five years’ experience as a Professional Support Lawyer, having previously worked at Blake Lapthorn solicitors as a Corporate Professional Support Lawyer. Prior to becoming a PSL Helen was a commercial solicitor at Eversheds LLP advising both commercial and public sector clients on a range of general commercial law issues.

Mark Collins

Mark Collins

Expertise Enablement Officer, Zurich Insurance UK

Mark is Expertise Enablement Officer for the Legal, Compliance and Company Secretarial team at Zurich Insurance UK. This is a strategic knowledge management role, formulating and implementing strategies on operational efficiency, enhanced systems, training and collaborative tools. As ever, the challenge is to deliver smarter solutions with less resource. A qualified solicitor and former Head of Knowledge Management in a number of City law firms and in-house legal teams, Mark has a wealth of experience delivering tangible benefits from both KM and technology initiatives. Mark is a qualified coach and currently engaged in becoming a Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma practitioner.

Ruth Ward

Ruth Ward

Head of Central Knowledge Management, Allen & Overy

Ruth Ward is Allen & Overy's Head of Central Knowledge Management and is a senior member of A&O's global knowledge and learning function. Ruth qualified as a banking lawyer in 1992 and worked in private practice before moving into legal KM in 2000. Since then, she has led a wide range of KM projects for A&O and its clients, and is particularly respected for her work on online knowledge sharing and collaboration. Ruth and her Central KM team partner with offices and practice groups to develop and deliver the KM aspects of A&O’s global strategy. They nurture and share KM innovation and drive underlying systems development. They foster and facilitate best practice sharing and learning across A&O's KM community. They provide KM consultancy to A&O’s clients and play an active role in key client relationships. And they inform and support KM development for A&O’s associated and relationship firms.

Outside the firm, Ruth plays an active role in KM and business networks. She regularly contributes to legal, business and KM conferences and publications and chaired KM Legal in 2010 and 2011. She is a founder member of the KM advisory group of the Society for Computers and Law. In 2010 she was a member of the Law Society's working committee on outsourcing.

Paul Byfield

Paul Byfield

Legal Knowledge Manager, EBRD

Paul is primarily responsible for the legal department’s Knowledge Management Programme, the information service and management of training resources.

He graduated from Kingston University with an LLB (Hons) in Law and from Nottingham University with a Masters Degree in International Relations (including EU law).

Before joining the EBRD he was Head of the Information Centre at Olswang in London (1995-1999).

He has published articles on information and knowledge management issues in various magazines and journals, e.g. Managing Partner, Business Information Review, Inside Knowledge and The Lawyer. He is an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.

Geraldine Mirabile

Senior Legal Advisor, Visa Europe

Geraldine is a Senior Legal Advisor at Visa Europe where she works on a broad spectrum of commercial and IP matters. Prior to joining Visa Europe in December 2008, Geraldine was an associate at Taylor Wessing in London specializing in Corporate Law. Before moving to London, Geraldine worked for two "magic circle" Italian law firms in Rome where she specialised on M&A and Tax.

Geraldine is a qualified English solicitor and a qualified Italian lawyer.

Karen Birch

Karen Birch

PSL Counsel, Allen & Overy

Karen has been a professional support lawyer in the Litigation PSL team at A&O since 2002. In her current role as PSL Counsel, she provides legal and practical advice, seminars and training internally and to clients on a range of litigation related issues, developments and trends. Karen has particular expertise in conflicts of laws issues and in relation to legal privilege and her specific responsibilities include supporting A&O’s International Arbitration group.

David Kemp

David Kemp

PSL Counsel, Allen & Overy

David Kemp is an industry and subject area expert for Autonomy working with Corporate Boards, General Counsel and Risk Managers to meet their key challenges by empowering their institutions, protecting them and enabling them to promote their corporate business. By profession a Solicitor, he worked in private practice before joining ABN AMRO as a Corporate Banker. Since becoming a Legal & Compliance Business Manager at ABN AMRO / RBS in 2001, he created a number of influential cross-industry market groups for self-help in areas of Compliance, Legal Intelligence, Records Management and other areas of Investment Banking

Jonathan Weeks

Jonathan Weeks

Deputy Director of Legal Affairs EMEA, Intel

Jonathan Weeks is Intel’s Deputy Director of Legal Affairs for the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region. He has worked for Intel for over 12 years. Jonathan manages a team of lawyers within Intel’s EMEA Legal Department. His team provides legal support on a range of subjects, including competition law, and EU collaborative R&D funded research. The team also provides legal support for Intel’s manufacturing operations in EMEA. In addition to managing his team, Jonathan provides legal advice on a wide range of matters, with his main area of focus being data protection. He is also a member of Intel’s Legal Practice Excellence team which focuses on education and KM for Intel’s lawyers around the world.

Jonathan qualified as a solicitor in 1986. He started his career with the UK firm, Eversheds. Prior to joining Intel, Jonathan held a number of positions at in-house legal departments (including GKN plc, Alliance & Leicester plc and Lucas Industries plc).


Valid until: 1 Attendee 2 Attendees 3 Attendees
Standard price £350 + VAT £550 + VAT £799 + VAT

This event will be of particular interest to the following:

  • Directors/Heads/Managers of Knowledge Management.
  • KM Partners and Business Development Managers.
  • Professional Support Lawyers (PSLs), Lawyers, Partners.
  • IT Directors.
  • Intranet and Knowledge Managers.
  • HR and Learning Directors.
  • Librarians and Library operations.
  • Information professionals.
  • Heads of Legal Know-How.


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