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International merger notifications

About the podcast

This podcast looks at international merger notifications, including an overview of the process and various factors that need to be considered when faced with an international merger transaction and how best to co-ordinate transactions that need to be notified in a number of jurisdictions. The podcast also looks at the risks of falling foul of the rules and the contributors discuss how to deal with tricky scenarios that often arise in such transactions.

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Note that since the podcast was recorded there may have been developments in the law. To check the latest position, see our maintained resources under the Sources and References tab above.

Learning outcomes

After listening to this podcast you will:

  • Understand where to start when faced with an international merger transaction
  • Understand the process and timetable issues involved in managing and co-ordinating notifications in a number of jurisdictions
  • Have an overview of the risks and penalties that might be incurred when falling foul of the rules
  • Be familiar with practical tips to help ensure the smooth running of managing large international merger transactions



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These podcasts are produced in collaboration with JurisProductions.

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