Books: Employment

Legal research, made practical

Contract Actions in Employment Law, 2nd Edition

Ian Smith and Nicholas Randall

Available now

Employment Law in Europe, 3rd edition


Available now

Employment Law in Scotland, 2nd Edition

Sam Middlemiss, Margaret Downie

Available now

Employee Share Schemes, 6th Edition

Mark Ife

Available now

Fransman's British Nationality Law, 3rd Edition

Laurie Fransman Q.C.

Available now

Immigration Appeals and Remedies Handbook

Mark Symes and Peter Jorro

Available now

Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law

Managing Editors: Gina Clayton and Helena Wray

Available now

Termination of Employment

Julian Yew

Available now

Workforce Restructuring in Europe

Edzard Clifton-Dey, Pia Dalziel, Sara Kennedy and Emmanuelle Ries

Available now

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