Books: Private Client

Legal research, made practical

Anti-Avoidance Provisions

Robert Maas

Available now

Business and Agricultural Property Relief, 6th Edition

Chris Erwood and Toby Harris

Available now

Drafting Wills in Scotland, 2nd Edition

Alan Barr, Andrew Dalgleish, Hugh Stevens and John Biggar

Available now

Family Law in Scotland, 7th Edition

Joe Thomson

Available now

Hamilton on Tax Appeals, 2nd Edition

Penny Hamilton

Available now

Houseman's Law of Life Assurance, 15th Edition

Robert Surridge, Noleen John, Brian Murphy

Available now

Immigration Appeals and Remedies Handbook

Mark Symes and Peter Jorro

Available now

International Succession Laws

Mark Bridges and David Way

Available now

International Tax and Investment Service

Dennis Campbell

Available now

Law of Limitation

David di Mambro

Available now

Medical Treatment: Decisions and the Law, 3rd Edition

Edited by Christopher Johnston QC

Available now

Older Client Law Service

Gordon Ashton

Available now

Principles of International Taxation, 4th edition

Angharad Miller and Lynne Oats

Available now

Property, Trusts and Succession (Scotland)

George L Gretton and Andrew J M Steven

Available Now

Scottish Older Client Law Service


Available now

The Law of Assisted Reproduction

Seamus Burns

Available now

The New Tribunals Handbook

Richard Blakeley, Sarah Love and Christopher Knight

Available now

Trusts and Estates in Scotland 2015/2016

Alexander Garden and Simon Mackintosh

Available now

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