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Information about the leading monthly magazine for business lawyers advising companies active in the UK

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About PLC Magazine

PLC Magazine is the leading monthly magazine for business lawyers advising companies active in the UK.

Key features of PLC Magazine's uniquely practical approach are:

  • Analysis of legal developments in a business context.
  • Examination of how practitioners apply new law.
  • Provision of solutions to legal problems.
  • Rigorously edited and clearly presented articles.
  • Checklists, diagrams, flowcharts and precedents to illustrate the text.

PLC Magazine's editorial committee and regular contributors are leaders in their fields. In addition, all our editors are qualified lawyers with experience at leading internationally orientated firms.

Subscribers to PLC Magazine include over 90 of FTSE 100 companies and all leading law firms and financial institutions. Most leading firms take PLC Magazine for all of their corporate lawyers.

PLC Magazine is carefully structured, with each section having a particular purpose:

Speedread summaries. Short summaries of the main articles in that issue, and of all new developments in each Bulletin section, which allow you to scan PLC magazine in less than half an hour.

News briefs. Selected business stories which focus on the legal issues involved.

Feature articles. Feature articles expand on matters covered in Bulletin and consider the practical application of more general issues in areas not regularly covered in Bulletin.

Bulletin. An updating service that deals with all the main areas of corporate/commercial law. Prepared by firms that are experts in each of their areas, Bulletin allows you to take advantage of their sophisticated information-gathering resources and expert analysis of recent developments.

Regular columns. These include:

  • Focus. An explanation of the meaning of legal terms and concepts.
  • Opinion. An expert's personal view on a new development in the law.
  • Briefing. A detailed explanation of a new development in a particular area of legal practice.
  • Know-how. Consideration of new developments in knowledge management and technology, and book and website reviews.

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