Practical Law Lessons

View our webinar training sessions.

Help Webinars

Our trainers guide you through key features and functionality on our website to help you get the most from your subscription. Free for subscribers.

Short sessions

The short sessions focus on specific areas or tools, in brief.

The "New Practical Law - Short Sessions" focus on navigation. Familiarize yourself with the main features of the new Practical Law in 30 minutes.

Agenda: searching, browsing, personalization tools and where to find help and user guides.

As part of the "Short Sessions" series, we offer brief webinars focusing purely on the FastDraft document drafting tool.

*If you use FastDraft to draft Form E, please see the list of webinars further down or consult the Form E user guide available here.

The short sessions "FastDraft + Form E" are aimed at Family Law practitioners. These sessions are ten minutes longer than the basic FastDraft webinars, as they cover additional features specific to the use of Form E.

Online Learning and Conferences

A new solution from Practical Law, Learn / Develop / Connect provides on-demand videos from industry expert and commentators, all focussed on the critical or emerging issues in your specialism or industry sector.

They provide targeted, high value CPD training, and can be used to claim CPD points if you are using the existing CPD system.

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