Standard documents

This is a list of all standard documents published by PLC. All standard documents have links to related drafting notes and are regularly updated by PLC editors.

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Call-off terms and conditions: Schedule 5 to Framework Agreement (public sector services)
Preliminary Antitrust Risk Assessment Information Request: Manufacturing
Descriptive document
"Alcatel" letter to be sent to unsuccessful supplier offering debrief
Public procurement: market consultation: questions for the supplier market
HSR Information Request: Non-Associate Transactions
Antitrust Hypotheticals for Compliance Training: Dealings with Competitors
Memorandum: Identification and Collection of Potential 4(c) and 4(d) Documents
Invitation to tender (public sector): questions for tenderers
Letter confirming that standstill period complete
Letter confirming review of public procurement process has been carried out and that there is no foundation to complaint
TUPE: notification of employee liability information
Letter to be sent to a supplier inviting final tender following the conclusion of the dialogue phase of a procurement
Letter to be sent to reject a supplier during the dialogue phase
Memorandum of understanding for joint working by public bodies
Letter notifying that public procurement process is to be abandoned
Guide to the Framework arrangement
Minimum Resale Price Policy
Rule 803.5(b) Declaration for Negotiated Transactions: Hart-Scott-Rodino
New Remedies Directive: Standstill letter to be sent to unsuccessful supplier
Master development agreement
TUPE: letter to current service provider requesting employee information in advance of tender
Buyer Notice of Withdrawal and Intent to Refile HSR Form
Public sector boilerplate provisions
Letter to supplier expressing an interest
Rule 803.5(a)(1) Notice for Non-negotiated Transactions: Hart-Scott-Rodino
Precedent company guidelines for European Commission investigations
Invitation to tender (public sector)
Antitrust Compliance Manual
Letter extending term of contract subject to the public procurement regime
Pre-qualification questionnaire
Services agreement for use by public sector bodies
Letter confirming receipt of complaint about public procurement process
Framework agreement (public sector services)
Invitation to participate in a dialogue
Meeting Competition Form
Franchise agreement
Franchise purchase agreement: synopsis
Letter to unsuccessful supplier at PQQ stage
Master franchise agreement
Distribution agreement
Federal Tying Complaint
Letter to successful supplier at PQQ stage
Local Government Pension Scheme: admission agreement
TUPE: letter to current service provider requesting updated employee information
HSR Information Request: Associate Transactions
Rule 803.5(a) Declaration for Non-negotiated Transactions: Hart-Scott-Rodino
Letter offering without prejudice meeting following procurement challenge
Precedent company guidelines for Competition and Markets Authority investigations
Agency agreement
Contract award letter
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