Standard documents

This is a list of all standard documents published by PLC. All standard documents have links to related drafting notes and are regularly updated by PLC editors.

For information on converting PLC standard documents into your firm's style, see PLC Firmstyle (

Responding to a Claim
N9(CC): Acknowledgment of service
N213(CC): Acknowledgment of service (Part 20)
ADM2: Acknowledgment of service (Admiralty claim)
PF56: Request for further information or clarification (Rule 18 and Practice Direction 18)
N208C: Notes for defendant Part 8
N210(CCFL): Acknowledgment of service (Part 8): Commercial Court Financial List
N11: Defence form
N210: Acknowledgment of service (Part 8)
N211(CCFL): Claim form (Part 20): Commercial Court Financial List
N9(CHFL): Acknowledgment of service: Chancery Division Financial List
N210(CHFL): Acknowledgment of service (Part 8): Chancery Division Financial List
N213: Acknowledgment of service (Part 20)
N211C: Notes for defendant Part 20
N9: Response pack/Acknowledgment of service
N1C: Notes for defendant on replying to the claim form
N210C: Acknowledgment of service (Part 81, Section 4 - Certification, or application under section 336 of the Charities Act 2011, in relation to conduct alleged to constitute contempt of court (CPR 81, Section 4))
Instructions or brief to counsel (covering letter)
PF58: Order for further information or clarification (Rule 18 and Practice Direction 18)
N9C: Admission (unspecified amount and non-money claims)
N210(CC): Acknowledgment of service (Part 8)
N9(CCFL): Acknowledgment of service: Commercial Court Financial List
N211(CHFL): Claim form (Part 20): Chancery Division Financial List
Order for extension of time (for filing/service of the defence): example (with drafting notes)
N9A: Admission (specified amount)
ADM16A: Defence to admiralty limitation claim
PF22: Notice claiming contribution or indemnity against another defendant (rule 20.6)
ADM15B: Notes for defendant (admiralty limitation claim)
Instructions or brief to counsel (with drafting notes)
N210A: Acknowledgment of service (Part 8 costs-only claim)
PF57: Application for further information or clarification (Rule 18 and Practice Direction 18, para 5)
N9B: Defence/counterclaim (specified amount)
N1C(CC): Notes for defendant on replying to the Part 7 claim form
ADM1C: Notes for defendant on replying to an admiralty claim form
General calculator
Letter to defendant client giving overview of litigation process
Letter to claimant client giving overview of the litigation process
Defence: common law private nuisance
Application for extension of time (filing/service of the defence): application notice: example (with drafting notes)
Defence: negligent misstatement
Defence: misrepresentation
Defence: restitution (mistake or failure of consideration)
Defence: negligence or breach of duty
Defence: actual and repudiatory breach of contract
Defence: contractual debt claim
N9D: Defence/counterclaim (unspecified amount and non-money claims)
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