Standard documents

This is a list of all standard documents published by PLC. All standard documents have links to related drafting notes and are regularly updated by PLC editors.

For information on converting PLC standard documents into your firm's style, see PLC Firmstyle (

Corporate Transactions: Incentives
Agreement for the surrender of an option
Letter to be sent to LTIP award holders on a rights issue
Warranties relating to employee share plans and other incentives: share purchase agreement
Power of attorney given by trustee of EBT to sell shares under a share purchase agreement
Employee or director share subscription deed
Legal due diligence information request: long form: share purchases
Remuneration Committee briefing paper on adjustments to share options and awards needed on a rights issue
Letter to be sent to option holders on a rights issue
Power of attorney given by trustee of EBT: notice to appointor
Share incentive plan (SIP): form of instructions from participant to SIP trustee on a rights issue
Share incentive plan (SIP): letter to be sent to participants on a rights issue
EMI share option plan: rollover agreement
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